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As probably know I promised to write a series of articles answering the question of How Magic Works and Why? In the last several days I have got so many emails with the questions asking about the science that I refer to and the conclusion of the recent article that I decided to look for the easier way to explain it and condense the science into one convenient format.

While I was looking, I have stumbled upon a Neal Degrasse-Tyson research, articles and a movie series called: “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.” And I absolutely fell in love with the way it is made and an ease of understanding.

So what I will recommend you do is: watch the series. From this series, you will gain all the knowledge of the science that you need in the short form. And this understanding will help you move on to continue discovering of how magic works and why?

You can try finding it on YouTube, but I will recommend you get to Netflix and watch it there in good quality.

Oh no, do not worry I will not stop writing the articles on the subject. I will continue to write until the point I transfer all the knowledge and understanding I have, to you my reader, and because there is much more to the subject of understanding of how the magic works, although science is a huge part of it.

For now, I want you to watch the series; it will make things much clearer. (“Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.” with Neal Degrasse-Tyson)

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