Practical Magic Grand Grimoires

Practical Magic Grand Grimoire goes beyond all other Book of Shadows that LaPulia Studio has created. Inspired by the film “Practical Magic,” we decided to craft a double book, fashioned as two books combined to create one bookbinding masterpiece.

There are multiple Content Choices for your new Grand Grimoire.

You can select up to three magical books to be bound into one Magic Grand Grimoire.

Grand Grimoire Content Choices:

– Original Wicca Witchcraft Book of Shadows
– Traditional Witchcraft Book of Shadows Grimoire
– Kitchen Witch Grimoire
– Healing Grimoire
– Herbal Grimoire
– Love Grimoire
– Potions Formulary Grimoire
– Protection Grimoire
– Money Wealth and Prosperity Grimoire

– 100 Blank Pages (50 leaves) are included with every Grand Grimoire.

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