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Everything in the Universe is Made from the Same Original Substance.

As I have promised, I would like to continue with my answer of “Why magic Works and How?”. In this fundamental proposition, we will look into the subject of “What is Universe made of?”.

I also would like to make a statement that – “Everything in the Universe Made from One and  the Same Original Substance.”

From ancient times till most recent scientific discoveries people were looking to explain how Universe works and what is it made of?

To learn that, we have to look at the Cosmos at Large, as well as into an atomic and sub-atomic particles called Quanta. These particles were discovered with the development of a Quantum Mechanics TheoryQuantum Field Theory, and a String Theory. We also have to look at universe creation theory; the Big Bang Theory (not to be confused with TV show).

Also, we have to study some of the works of prominent scientists and philosophers like Albert EinsteinWernher von BraunSergei KorolevStephen HawkingMasaru Emoto and others. They all have said that this entire Universe is created from the one and the same original substance and that this material fills an entire Universe.

So let us look at some of the details for a deeper understanding of the previous statement. However, for the purposes of this article, I will not describe these theories in great depth, I will only give you enough information to draw conclusions, and if you like to, you can study them on your own by clicking on the links provided.

To start let’s look at the Big Bang Theory; As we see, the entire Universe with all the Galaxies, Solar Systems, Suns, Planets (including Earth) and all the space in between (which is not empty by the way) is compressed into one super-hot, super-heavy and super-dense Point. At this Point, the Time and Space do not exist. Then all of a sudden, an explosion happens (hence the “Big Bang” theory name), and Universe springs into existence. From this point forward Universe begins to expand, and an evolution of the Universe begins. The process of formation of Suns, Planets and Galaxies begins.

But here comes a Question; What is that Substance from which everything is forming and is being made of?  And this question takes us to the Quantum and String Theories. At the time of the Explosion, the Original Substance is formed and transformed into the first element in a Periodic Table – the Hydrogen (1H).  The Hydrogen (1H) is the lightest and most abundant element in the Universe, from which all the original Stars in the Universe are made of. Once these Stars start to burn, they transform the Hydrogen into all other elements of the Periodic Table, expelling them into the surrounding areas. As these materials get discharged and cool down, they start to clump together and begin to form other celestial bodies such as planets, comets, and asteroids. And this process is still going and will continue to happen for many billions of years to come.

However, this does not answer the question we posed. But what answers it, is when we take any of the particles that are being created and dissect them into molecules, atoms, and sub-atomic particles we see that all of them are made of the same exact substance that seems physical. However, this substance is the pure energy, vibrating at the very hight rate, and thus giving us an illusion of solid objects. And at the very best it is a sift. And if you look close enough, you will see right through it. (Good example will be an X-Ray or an MRI imaging.)

Now you probably asking yourself a question; Does it mean that nothing exists? Or Does it mean that I do not exist and I am a bunch of particles put together by a chance? And my answer to you will be: Yes and No at the same time. And that depends on how you look at existence and non-existence. But this will be a subject of another article.

So, let’s go back to the science and look at the Quantum Theory which describes atoms, sub-atomic particles, waves and energy strings. The further and deeper we look into the sub-atomic world, all we see is an endless sea of vibrating energy waves. And this observation allows us to come to one possible conclusion that everything in the Universe, from the smallest atom to the countless gigantic stars (including humans), are made from the One and the Same Original Substance. This Substance is called Energy which came into existence at the time of the Creation or the Original Explosion if you will.

By further studying the subject, we can also say that this Substance is a Thinking Substance which is Conscious of itself. As it thinks of a form, it takes that form. As it thinks of a motion, it makes that motion. Since we’re made of that Original Substance, we also have the same properties as that Substance has. It means that what we see our lives as, that’s exactly how our lives will unfold in front of us.

The main property of energy; is a continues transformation from one state into another; it never stays the same. And since we are pure energy, as soon as the thought enters our personal energy field, it begins to transform us into someone else. And we begin to transform into someone new that has never been before. And this process never ends.

Now, for the deeper understanding of this, I suggest you read the above paragraph several times. Because as you read it, you will gain a much deeper insight into it. You will realize that as you think of a motion, you make that motion, and as you think of some form, you will create that form in your environment.

I can tell you from my personal experience that once you internalize the above statements and principles, that understanding alone can bring a whole new level of existence for you and propel your magical practice to the new highs that you have never dreamed of before.

With this, I would like to end this section of the discussion. Please follow our Blog to get notifications of new articles as they become available.

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Thank you,

Your Wizard.

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