Kitchen Witch a Magic Cookbook

Kitchen Witch Magical Grimoire is a reference guide full of edible magic recipes for modern Witch who loves to cook and practice witchcraft. Also, it is good to remember that at the end of the book, we always include additional pages where you can write your Magical recipes.

Kitchen Witch Magic Grimoire - Magic Cookbook
Kitchen Magic Cookbook

Grimoire Table of Content

Kitchen Witch Alchemy (76 pages)

Part 1 – Kitchen Magic
            Kitchen Witch’s Creed
            Kitchen Altar
            Kitchen Gods and Goddesses
            Tools of Kitchen Witch and Meaning
            Herbal Kitchen
            Magical Properties of Food
            Food Correspondence for Magical Workings
            Kitchen Witch Purification Spell
            Kitchen Witch Blessing
            Protection of Kitchen Witch
            Kitchen Witch’s Bottle
            New Pot Blessing
            Cooking for Prosperity Spell
            Food Blessing 1
            Food Blessing 2
            Food Blessing 3
            Common Household Culinary Herbs and their Magical Properties
            Fruits and Vegetables and their Magical Properties
            Herbs and Spices and their Magical Properties
            Edible Flowers and their Magical Properties
            Other Foods and their Magical Properties

Seasonal Kitchen (Winter Kitchen, Spring Kitchen, Summer Kitchen, Autumn Kitchen)

Magical Food for Different Magical Purposes (including recipes)
            Love Foods
            Prosperity Foods
            Protection Foods
            Healing Foods
Part 2 – Recipes
Sabbat Meals and Recipes (21 pages)
Edible Flowers (27 pages)
            How to Clean Edible Flowers
            How to preserve edible flowers
            How to crystallize/candy edible flowers
            Making Blossom Ice Cubes
            How to Make Herb Flower Butter
            Edible Flower Chart (names and uses)
            Ideas for edible flower recipes
            Flowers for Salads and Edible Flower Recipes
            Dandelion Flower Fritter
            Pacific Rockfish and Steamed Nasturtium Flowers with Tuberous Begonia Vinegar and Pansy Oil
            Tuberous Begonia Vinegar
            Beltane Marigold Custard
            Saffron Yogurt Mousse with Rose Petal Honey
            Rose Recipes
            Candied Sugared Rose Petals
            Rose Petal Jam
            Rose Cake
            Calendula Custard
            Orange Calendula Drop Cookies
            Candied Violets
            Lavender Nectarine Blueberry Cobbler
            Lavender Biscuits
            Victorian Lavender Cookies with Rose Water Icing
            Lavender Cookies
            Lavender Syrup for Lemonade
            Lavender Sponge Cake
            Lavender Sugar
            Lavender Honey
            Lavender Creme Brûlée
            Rose Petal, Chamomile, and Lavender Jelly
            Dandelion Wine

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