LaPulia’s Magic Grimoire collection has been specially created for those who wish to have a magic book dedicated to one specific magical subject or purpose.
For example, LaPulia Studio offers Grimoires that focus on money magic, love magic, healing magic, magical herbs, protection magic, potion formulary magic, and even kitchen witch magic.

These beautiful tomes contain every piece of magical information that would be necessary for the practice of a specific kind of magic.
For example, suppose you order the Wealth and Prosperity Grimoire for money magic. In that case, you will receive a unique, leather-bound book with magic spells, incantations, rituals, and magical symbols focused on money, wealth, and prosperity so you can create abundance in your life. If you order Love Grimoire, you will get a tome with all the information you need to practice love magic; how to attract the lover and/or marriage, love potions, love spells, sex magic, and much more on love magic.

When you purchase one of these Grimoires, you will get a magic book with everything you need on the subject. Many generations of witches have tested all of the information in these Grimoires multiple times, and it works when applied properly.

LaPulia Studio is proud to offer the following magic Grimoires:
Kitchen Witch Grimoire (magical recipes, magic cookbook)
Healing Magic Grimoire (magical healing potions, magical healing rituals, magical healing spells, and magic healing recipes)
Herbal Magic Grimoire (herbal magic, magical herbal reference guide)
Love Magic Grimoire (Love Magic, Love Potions, Magic Love Spells, Magic Love Rituals)
Magic Potions Formulary Grimoire (Magic Potions and Potions Recipes)
Wealth Prosperity and Money Magic Grimoire (Money Magic, Magic Money Spells, Wealth and Prosperity Magic)
Protection Magic Grimoire (Protection Magic)
Book of Spells Grimoire (Magic Spells book for everyday use. Tested spells that work)
– Travel Grimoire (a Magical Reference Book with everything you need when you have to cast a fast magic spell)

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