It’s been many decades now since the first time I have heard of Magic and got fascinated with the subject. I always asked myself and others who were knowledgeable in the subject one question: “How Does the Magic Work and Why?” For the most of my studies, I have not been satisfied with the answers I got. So I kept looking and at this stage of my life, I think I can attempt to respond to this short but complicated question.

The answer does not lay in one single subject but rather spans a vast array of modern scientific studies, medical science, human psychology, cosmology, traditional and quantum physics as well as the study of nature and the planet we currently live on.

To make the answer more coherent and easy to understand, I divided it into several subjects:

  1. Fundamental Propositions of Witchcraft and Magic.
  2. Laws and Rules of Witchcraft and Magic.
  3. Science Behind Witchcraft and Magic Laws and Rules.
  4. Practical Application of Laws, Rules and Science

These will be the four top article categories within which I will nest the subcategories where I will go into an in-depth discussion of each Witchcraft and Magical Rule, Law, Scientific Study, etc. So in this series of articles, I will impart as much of the knowledge on the subject as I can.

There also will be Q & A section for “How does the Magic Work?” where you will be able to ask your questions and get an answer.

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