Elves Book of Spells – Spell Book

Hard-bound in red Italian leather in the size of 11.5″x14.5″.
Our Book of Spells is a beautiful and one of a kind Grimoire and a perfect companion for a Witch or a Wizard. In this Book of Spells Grimoire we reveal all the previously hidden secrets of casting a powerful spell! Time-tested for perfection these spells can bring you whatever your heart desires whether it is love, or prosperity, or health, or whatever else you have in mind.
In this Book of Spells Grimoire you will also find a special section dedicated to Rune Magic with the powerful runic formulas that have been tested thoroughly for perfect results.
Magically written and illustrated in LaPulia Studio’s unique style, this one of a kind, truly powerful Book of Spells Grimoire will take its rightful place in your Magickal Library.
Book of Spells contains 400 parchment pages printed on a high quality commercial printer. It is bound in a beautiful Italian leather with raised “Book of Spells” writing on it’s cover and other decorative details. For more information about Book of Spells, please click on the image below. 

Book of Spells

Potions Formulary Grimoire – Save $100 – Only Today

“Two years of thorough research plus endlessly testing formulas led to our 2010 released of the Book of Potions, which we later renamed to the Potions Formulary Grimoire.
This Book has an extensive section dedicated to Poisons and Poisonous Plants, as well as a separate section focused on the Mandrake (Mandragora).
While working on the Book of Potions, I was pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and, influenced by those studies, created Potions like “Meet Anima/Animus” and “Shadow Work”.
This Book also includes incredible potions like “Underworld,” Shape-shifting,” and more, which were influenced by our 2009 trip to South America to meet a Shamanic Priest.
All of our gathered wisdom on Potions is enshrined in this Book, a perfect addition or start to your collection!” ~ Rita Digilova

Maha Shivaratri – February 24, 2017

Today is a Great Night of Lord Shiva known as Maha Shivaratri. Maha Shivaratri is celebrated on the new moon in the month of Phalguna (February) or Maagh (March) making it is the most auspicious day to appease Lord Shiva. It is widely believed that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati got married on this day.

The majority of devotees on Maha Shivaratri wake up, take a bath, wear new clothes and head straight to the nearest Lord Shiva temple to place their offerings to the Shivalingam in the form of milk, fruits, bael leaves. Some also offer jujube fruit, honey, curd, ghee (purified butter) to signifying purification of the soul, while chanting ‘Om Namaha Shivaya.’ They also light incense sticks and ring the temple bell to invoke the blessing of Lord Shiva. Unlike other Hindu festivals, where after performing the puja of the deity a feast follows, on Shivaratri the fast continues all through the day and night. Devotees observe an all-night vigil while chanting hymns in praise of Lord Shiva and reading Shiva Purana. Even during the night, Shiva Lings are given a holy bath every three hours.

If there is no temple available in the nearby area, the devotees can do the above offerings to the Shivalingam or Shiva Murti (statue) at their own homes.

While the objective of pouring milk on the linga is an act of purification of one’s soul, other legends indicate that it is offered for its soothing effects on the hot-tempered deity. For generations, devotees have been fasting and as scriptures say that if he is able to manage the feat with sincerity, Lord Shiva absolves him of all his sins and blesses him with abundant prosperity.

If you have an interest in learning legends about Lord Shiva (which, in my opinion, everyone who practices yoga in any form or shape should), I highly recommend the series “Dev Ke Dev Mahadev” (“God of Gods Mahadev” Engl.) aired from 2011-2014 (820 episodes). I know for sure that recording of the series is available with English, Russian and French subtitles (and most likely with subtitles in other languages as well).

Also, here are 4 printable pages for your Book of Shadows that I created a couple of years ago about Lord Shiva. You can download them in high resolution from our website: gallery

~ by Rita Digilova

Part 1 - Shiva and Shakti pg 1

Part 1 – Shiva and Shakti pg 1

Excerpt From Personal Notes

“I am working on The Fifth Element Book while listening to the quiet whisper that is hidden behind the winter silence. Nothing superfluous or distracting.
In this masterpiece of a Book, I see my own breakdown and my detailed vision and my immortality and divine origin. This work is limited by my inner borderlines, however being a combination of different parts of myself mixed with acquired knowledge and understanding, it actually does add up to a perfect system.
Emotionally rich – it will put to work all feelings; monotonous, yes, but… the one who will read it will not get tired of it;
and artwork, elegant enough, will gently set the aesthetic tone for the whole experience.” (Rita Digilova, February 2014)

Book of Shadows

Protection Magic – Great Practical Results

Protection Magic - What is it? - How does it work?

"What is a protection magic?" This question is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself as a practitioner of magic. How does it work and why it's important to have a proper protection around yourself and your loved ones?

It's also critical to understand how it works and what it can and can't do. I firmly believe that magical protection is one of the first subjects every practitioner has to learn. Regardless of how confident, knowledgeable or smart are you, without proper protection, you can still become a victim of magical, psychic or spiritual attack. And for that reason, I think that protection magic is one of the most important things you must perform.

Over the years of my practice, I have seen some powerful magical practitioners brought down by other practitioners just because they didn't have a proper protection installed within their energy fields.

What I'm trying to say is that in magical world it's difficult to survive without adequate protection. 

Another function of the protection magic is to help you identify potential threats and help you avoid or eliminate them all together.

Some thoughts about Yoga and Meditation.

Some thoughts about Yoga and Meditation.

What bothers me is when people say that they want to lose weight and for that purpose they will start doing yoga. Doing Yoga for the purpose of weight loss is one of the biggest misconceptions and mistakes that I've ever heard of.

Yoga is a deeply spiritual practice that requires a practitioner to get under the umbrella of the religious philosophy associated with it. It requires a discipline, devotion, as well as acceptance of the yogi's worldview and rules.

And like with every spiritual practice, there will be a trial period and a period that is known to westerners as a "dark night of the soul."

So, if your personal spiritual practice fully satisfies you, if it feeds your soul and answers your inner questions, then my advice would be to stay with it. Yoga is a great practice, but it's not for everybody, and it certainly shouldn't be treated as a form of some physical exercise.
So, find other ways to lose weight and tone your body.

So, find other ways to lose weight and tone your body.

About meditation:
During an initial consultation with a new client, I am almost always asked what kind of meditation I recommend to cure depression.

To their surprise, my answer is always: "NONE."

I strongly recommend not to start any meditation during the depression or if a person is going through a period of crisis. There are few reasons why I tell my clients not to mediate during those times. One of those reasons I want to briefly mention here.

When we experience a shocking event, tragedy or a devastating crisis, to protect ourselves, our mind places the most painful memories and associated feelings into our subconscious and creates a "protection barrier or wall," between subconscious and conscious. During meditation, this wall could easily be broken and whatever was safely kept "locked," will float "up" to the conscious.

Now, the person who is already suffering from depression or going through a life crisis will also have to deal with the "demons" of the past. Unacknowledged and unrecognized, these "demons" will manifest themselves in person's physical life in the way of troublesome events and people. In these cases, psychologist, therapists, or experienced counselors can help. But sadly, not everyone has access to that help.

Don't take me wrong here by thinking that I'm against meditation. Meditation can be very beneficial for a person who is very well grounded, who isn't suffering from depression, anxiety, any psychological and psychiatric issues and not going through a life crisis or challenging situations.

The reason I am writing this post is that now days so many people who have access to the internet and who read a few self-help books position themselves as spiritual gurus and promote meditation as a panacea to every trouble there is: from stress to a job loss.

When and how would I recommend meditation?

Well, if the person doesn't have any issues described above and not dealing with a crisis, then I recommend beginning meditating for five minutes every other day. Then increase to a daily practice. And always, please always, observe yourself and your life, notice if there are any changes.

For those of you who wants to learn more about the "Dark Night of The Soul," please read my series of articles called "Way of the Hero – Tarot Card Reading – Journey into Subconscious."  In this set of articles, you will learn about the Journey your Soul makes as well as the associated events and their interpretations. You will also be able to see the relationship between the Tarot Card Reading and Current Events in your Life.

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