Prosperity Grimoire – Money Magic / Wealth Attraction

Here you can find a content of our Prosperity Grimoire which is full of money spells that really work, magical wealth generation tips, technics, and magic money rituals.

Joseph Campbell once said: “Money is congealed energy and releasing it releases life’s possibilities. . . .”

You want to be rich. You want wealth. And you have a great purpose in life – you want to do this for your community, for your family. But you struggle. And you keep trying, but it still doesn’t work for you. Our Money Magic and Prosperity Grimoire draws upon decades of experience synthesizing psychological, scientific, magical, and practical techniques and provides a revolutionary program that will free your money energy and direct it to achieve your life’s purpose. When you master it, wealth will come to you with great speed.

Our Prosperity Grimoire will fundamentally change you and unleash your true potential.

Very often the financial choices we make are unconscious and based on fear. Since money is strongly connected to our physical survival, it has an amazing hold on us and makes us feel like we can’t control it.

The material presented in the Prosperity Grimoire strikes deeply into the subconscious mind, where most money problems originate. Using powerful methods and techniques, we will get to the root cause of money flow blocks and, by removing them, we will start to feel a sense of security and peace.

When you practically implement the teachings revealed in this Book, you will experience a tremendous shift in your life and will never have problems with money again. Of course, there will be more to learn in the future. But the fear and confusion you had about money will be gone and you will begin attracting more money and feel at ease about your finances. As a result, you will master your wealth from the inside out.

Our Prosperity Grimoire is not just about the “money.” Rather, it is a journey of healing the relationship to life itself.

Allow this magnificent Book to take you on that journey and, along the way, become a master of your own life and wealth.

Our Prosperity Grimoire has a beautiful cover in a deep shade of green from our exclusive Italian leather collection and Symbols of Prosperity raised under the leather.

Prosperity Grimoire contains 400 acid-free French parchment pages printed on a high-quality commercial laser printer

List of Pages:

Title page.
Catch the wave of Abundance 3 pages.
Prosperity action steps 19 pages.
Quantum physics for prosperity 11 pages.
Law of Attraction 3 pages.
Manifesting prosperity 5 pages.
Positive Prosperity 4 pages.
Gods and Goddess of prosperity 9 pages.
Money Correspondences 3 pages.
Prosperity Correspondences 5 pages.
Gems for prosperity 5 pages.
Herbs for prosperity 7 pages.
Incense for prosperity 6 pages.
Oils for prosperity 14 pages.
Bath recipes for prosperity 6 pages.
Prosperity food 5 pages.
Tea and Coffee for prosperity 8 pages.
Money spells 51 pages.
Employment and business spells 13 pages.
Power Spells 19 pages Prosperity spells 4 pages.

There are 201 pages with magical information plus 199 blank pages, makes it total 400 pages.

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