The Universe we live in is an Intelligent Universe.

In a previous post, we were talking about Fundamental Proposition Number 1. In that post, we accept as the truth and make a statement that Magic or Witchcraft is not a Religion. And now we can move on to the next Fundamental Proposition Number 2. In this Proposition, we assert that we live inside of an Intelligent Universe. And we assert that this Universe is a Thinking Universe.

So to start we have to find out, what do the traditional religious beliefs such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism say about God? And they say: “God is a cause and is an effect of Itself. God can never die and can never be destroyed. God Lives in Everything, and His will creates everything. As well as the God is always present everywhere, knows and sees everything there is to know .” And also interestingly enough in the Bible, it says that we created in the image and the likeness of the Creator Himself. We will come back to this statement later in the series.

And to continue our exploration into the subject, we have to figure out what the energy is? So, science says that energy is the Cause and an Effect of Itself. And that it’s in everything, and it’s continuously moving Into Form, Through Form and Out of Forms. As well as that the Energy is evenly present everywhere at all times.

Interesting? What does this mean for us? Why the theology’s description of  God or Universal Intelligence or Supreme Intelligence if you will, and Energy’s definition of science is so similar to each other?

To answer these questions, I assert that Universal Intelligence and Energy are the One the Same. When we accept this statement as a Fundamental Truth, we come to an understanding, that everything made of energy. And that everything in this Intelligent Universe moves according to the laws of energy. It moves Into Form, Trough Form and Out of Form. This statement means that even us human beings made of energy. And furthermore, when we accept that we made of Energy we come to one possible conclusion. We must be a part of this Universal Intelligence, and a proof of that is that we can think and generate intelligent and independent thoughts and ideas.

And this brings us to the final point of this statement. Since we are capable of generating thoughts and ideas and made from Energy / Universal Intelligence, this Universe must be a Thinking Universe. And this Thinking Universe experiences Itself through us. And by doing this, It learns about Itself.

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