Love Magic Grimoire – Reference guide for Love Magic


LaPulia’s Love Magic Grimoire is an excellent source of time-tested Love Magic spells that really work. Learn how to create Love Potions, how to perform Magic Love Making Rituals. Attract a life partner or a lover into your life. Learn about magical aphrodisiacs. Perform Pagan Wedding ceremonies and much more.

This Grimoire is specially created to help you manifest you relationship desires and wishes. It will help you find a lost love, spice up your existing relationship, and attract a perfect partner into your life.

Because of this Grimoire is designed for, we ask you to act responsibly. And consider all the aspects of the magic you perform.

Table of content for Love Magic Grimoire:

Title Pages (3 pages).
Love Magick casting steps (3 pages).
Love Altar (3 pages).
Gods and Goddesses for Love Magic (9 pages).
Hand-fasting (14 pages).
Wheel of the Year (3 pages).
Irish Rose Pagan Valentine (5 pages).
Gemstones for Love  (3 pages).
Herbs Trees for Love (17 pages).
Mandrake for Love Magic (3 pages).
Love Fragrance (33 pages).
Love Bath Formulas (11 pages).
Love Filters (11 pages).
Tea for Love (6 pages).
Aphrodisiacs and Food for Love(43 pages).
Sex Magic (27 pages).
Assorted Love Spells (87 pages).
Love Spells (37 pages).

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