Here I would like to lay some Fundamental Propositions of Magic and Witchcraft without which the study and practice of MAGIC or WITCHCRAFT are not possible. And any continuation of that study or practice can only end in failure, devastation, loss of sanity, loss of income, loss of health, loss of family and friends and in some more severe cases the loss of life itself.  Every time I have met anyone that did not have the proper understanding of these Propositions or read a book written by someone who did not have a complete knowledge and understanding of these Fundamental Propositions I have encountered someone, who eventually ended up in failure or dead.

No, I do not want to scare you. I want to stress the importance of this Fundamental Propositions. I want to emphasize the priority and paramount importance of an understanding of these Propositions. Because proper understanding and internalization of these Propositions can open a whole new World of possibilities for you and your Magical Practice. It can make you Healthy, Wealthy, Famous, Powerful, Happy, Knowledgeable, Serene and many other good things all at the same time.

I promise you this: If you gain the proper understanding of these Fundamental Propositions your life horizons will unfold in front of you, way beyond your wildest dreams, wants and desires. I am sure you will watch your life develop and unfold in front of you. And you will wonder, how come you have not seen or done this before? You will be more array then the Solomon in all of his glory. And you will be able to raise yourself up to the new level of existence as well as help others to do so by your example.

I want to encourage you to study this material as if your entire existence depends on it. Because it does.

These Fundamental Propositions of Magic and Witchcraft are the primary source of Knowledge, Power, Intelligence, and Strength of any Magical or Witchcraft Practice.

The Fundamental Propositions of Magic and Witchcraft as follow:

  1. Witchcraft or Magic Is Not a Religion.
  2. The Universe we live in is an Intelligent Universe.
  3. Everything is Made from the Same Stuff.
  4. Everything in the Universe has a Reason or Purpose for Existence.
  5. Everything in the Universe Happens for a Reason.
  6. The Universe, God, Higher Intelligence, etc.,  are different words describing the same Thing.
  7. There are Universal Rules and Laws that can not be broken and cannot be changed and there will be consequences for trying to break them.
  8. There are Man-Made Rules and Laws that can be broken and can be changed, but may have consequences to them.

In the articles that will follow, I will start describing these Fundamental Propositions in great details. But for now, I want you to read and re-read this article maybe a hundred times over and again until you gain at least some understanding of the sentences that describe the propositions. The reason I want you to do it, because every time you read this you will gain a little more insight into the subject. No matter how small or big your understanding of it may be. It will all become much clearer as we move along.

Thank You. Your Wizard.

Below you can find books for the practical use of the knowledge contained within these articles: Original Wiccan Book of Shadow, Traditional Witchcraft Book of Shadows Grimoire and Magic Grimoires.

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