Protection Magic Grimoire Content

What is a Protection Magic Grimoire?

Do you think that you became a target of a spell or a curse? Do you feel that powerful, invisible spirits are threatening your health, relationships, or job? Do you think that it is time for protection from such forces as bad energy, evil eyes, time traps, psychic vampires (drainers of energy, vitality, and emotion), or past life energies? Well, with our Protection Grimoire at your service, you can now fight back – and win the battle.

Psychic, magical, and spiritual attacks happen more often than even most Witches and Wizards realize. The reasons for attack include negative energy brought on by visiting disturbed or haunted places, attacks by psychics, intentional curses by Dark Witches and Wizards. Everyone, including magical folks, are susceptible to these attacks.

With the guidance from this manual and a proper use of it, you can be sure that you and your loved ones are always protected and stay safe.

This Tome of Protection Magic is a complete how-to manual on preventing, defending, and reversing magical attacks of any kind.

Protection Magic Grimoire Content.

Learn to:
• Perform daily banishing and make amulets that will prevent most attacks
• Absorb attacks against you
• Summon guardian spirits for help
• Reverse curses and other attacks
• Bind a persistent enemy that will not leave you alone
• Recognize the signs and the source of an attack
• Appease angry spirits
• Identify herbs and crystals for protection
• Create your own oils, incenses, and potions
• With proper use of this Manual, you can be sure that you and your loved ones protected at all times!

Our Protection Magic Grimoire with its Sword of Protection sculpted under the black Italian leather is a Protection Amulet of itself.

Protection Magic Grimoire contains 300 acid-free French parchment pages printed on a high quality commercial laser printer.

Your magical Book of Shadows or Grimoire will be crafted following the oldest witchcraft traditions. LaPulia Book of Shadows only uses brand new, pristine and virgin clean materials of the highest quality. Also, before use, all of the materials used to create your book undergo a special cleansing ceremony to remove any negative energy and prepare them for use in production. Lastly, every Book of Shadows and Grimoire is magically blessed before it is shipped to you.

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