Practical Magic Grand Grimoires

Handcrafted Leather Bound Magical Heirloom

Combine up to three magic books into one Grand Grimoire, a magic family heirloom

Practical Magic Grand Grimoires are the perfect companions for your magical work. Inspired by a “Practical Magic” movie, this book has two sections: the main section with the primary content of your choice and the second with a secondary or hidden section of the book. With this bookbinding design, you can have three books bound into one.

Our Practical Magic Grand Grimores offer an incredible array of options to choose from, like book cover color and size also, because this book is a Grand Grimoire, you can combine up to three books into one tome. The choices are Wiccan Book of Shadows content, Traditional Witchcraft Grimoire content, or any of our Magical Grimoire contents like Love Magic Grimoire, Protection Magic Grimoire, Money Magic Grimoire, Healing Grimoire, Herbal Grimoire, or Potions Formulary Grimoire.

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