Magic Supplies, Tools & Spell Kits

Here you will find magical supplies and products that will highly enhance your life and help you practice the craft. Most these products created and crafted by Rita Digilova (founder of LaPulia Studio) and charged and infused with her own magical energy. These Potions, Oils, Incense, Soaps, Teas, and Body and Bath products are made using highest quality ingredients. And most of the ingredients used are 100% Organic.

Also, additionally to Rita’s products, you will find other handmade tools. All of these tools created by talented artisans. Whether it’s Wiccan Supplies, Witchcraft Supplies or general Pagan and Occult supplies for rituals and spell casting.

Here you can find tools such as Athames, Chalices, Spell Kits, Spell Candles, Gemstones, Goddess and God statues, Incense, Oils, Potions, Altars, Altar cloths, Magical jewelry, and Magic Wands.

Shop Magic Supplies, Tools, and Spell Kits

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