School of Witchcraft and Wizardry 3rd Year Textbook

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Academy Third Year Textbook

While the second year studies are concentrated on Magick as Science and external world, during the third year we will be diving into the internal world. We will be exploring our own psyche, learn how to deal with shadows, build a magical persona, work with archetypes, learn different states of consciousness, transform emotions into a powerful source of energy, and more. The goal of the third year is to “Know Thyself”.

With over 200 pages of beautifully illustrated magickal lessons, this book will take you into the wonderful world of real magic! You will learn laws of the internal world: personal psychology, approach the shadows, work with the subconscious mind and more.

Book Content:

Title page
Welcome (2 pages)

• Lesson 1: Great Force
• Lesson 2: Types of Energy
• Lesson 3: Chakras – individual energy vortex
• Lesson 4: Aura – field of individual energy
• Lesson 5: Methods of Harnessing and Directing Energy
• Lesson 6: Energy leakage and Energy Vampires
• Lesson 7: Emotions
• Lesson 8: Dark Emotions – an incredible source of energy
• Lesson 9: Energy direction using emotions

• Lesson 1: Human Mind
• Lesson 2: Conscious Mind
• Lesson 3: Sub-Conscious Mind
• Lesson 4: Super-Conscious Mind
• Lesson 5: Collective Unconscious
• Lesson 6: Synchronicity

Altered State of Consciousness
• Lesson 1: Altered State of Consciousness and magick
• Lesson 2: Brain Waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta
• Lesson 3: How to enter different states of consciousness
• Lesson 4: Present Moment of “Now”
• Lesson 5: Seeing with Mind’s Eye
• Lesson 6: Meditation

• Lesson 1: Great Divine
• Lesson 2: Shadows
• Lesson 3: Anima/Animus
• Lesson 4: Ego/Persona
• Lesson 5: Individuation Process and Self
• Lesson 6: Projection

Fragmented World
• Lesson 1: Modern Shamans
• Lesson 2: Dark Night of the Soul
• Lesson 3: Multiple Lost Souls
• Lesson 4: Soul Retrieval
• Lesson 5: Restoration of the Fragmented Self

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