Original Wiccan Book of Shadows

The Original Wiccan Book of Shadows was written for Wiccan Witches practicing magical arts. This Book of Shadows perfectly balances Wicca’s religious belief system and the Magical Arts traditions. It contains everything a Witch who follows the religion of Wicca needs to practice the Magic successfully.

The magical knowledge preserved within the pages of this Book of Shadows respects the two major Wiccan laws: “harm none, do what you will” and “the Law of Three: whatever you send out, comes back threefold.” Please remember this is the content of LaPulia’s Original Wiccan Witchcraft Book of Shadows and comes with all of our Books of Shadows.

Original Wiccan Book of Shadows Table of Content

Table of Content:

1. Intro (28 pages)
Book title
To gain Powers chant
Book Blessing dedication
Book Blessing ritual
The Pentagram
Witches Alphabet
Witch’s Creed
To be a Witch13 Goals of the Witch
Witch’s Rune
Witch’s Pyramid
Words of the Magus
Guidelines for Magical life

2. Gods and Charges (14 pages)Divinity – The Goddess and God of the Witches
The Charge of the Goddess (poetic version)
The Charge of the Goddess
The Charge of the God
The Charge of the Dark Goddess
The Charge of the Dark God

3. Basics of Magick (48 pages)
Science of Magick 
Ritual Theory and Techniques 
Grounding and Centering
Chakra – Personal Energy Vortex
Cone of Power and Energy Ball
How to Direct Energy
Altered State of Consciousness
Meditation Techniques to Reach Different States of Consciousness
Self Dedication Ritual
Levels of Reality

4. Altar and Circle (18 pages)
Sacred Space
Circle Poem
Personal Preparation
Take a ritual Bath
Circle size
Placing quarters
Bless the Altar
Cleanse the Circle area
Casting the Circle
Calling the Quarters
God and Goddess
Cut a gate (if needed)
Cakes and Wine blessings and libation
Thanking and releasing God and Goddess 

Thanking and releasing the Quarters
Releasing the Circle
Libation to the God and Goddess

5. Magickal Tools (10 pages)


6. Elements (12 pages)
Elemental cauldrons 

Elemental association table

7. Moon Magick (14 pages)
Phases of Moon
Lunar eclipse
Void of course
Moon Wobbles,
Full moon oil
Moon water tonic 

Names and qualities of the Full Moon for each month 
Drawing down the Moon
Moon in Astrological Signs
Table of Planetary Hours
Moon Muse Spell
Nocturnal Moon Garden

8. Magical days (12 pages)
Daytime Magick
Days of the week poem
Day correspondence
Planetary Rulers

9. Sabbats – Wheel of the Year (94 pages)

10. Candle magick title (8 pages)

Choosing a candle
Dressing a candle for a ritual or a spell 
Lighting, extinguishing, and disposing
Astral candle colors

Candle Chant
All-purpose Candle Magick Spell

11. Colors (4 pages)
Colors correspondence
Red Magick

12. Crystals and Gems (50 pages)
Crystal Cleansing 

Crystal Programming
Projective/Receptive energies
Crystals and Gems in alphabetical order with a magical association
Stones – properties
Crystal Talisman or Amulet (how to create one)
Healing crystals for Children

13. Kitchen Witch title (26 pages)
Kitchen Witch intro

Bewitching Kitchen Tips 
Tools of the trade
Kitchen Witch’s Creed
Kitchen Witch’s prayers
Kitchen Witch’s cleansing/blessing
Kitchen Witch’s tools and their magical association 

Foods and their magical associations
All-purpose culinary spell

14. Animal totem title (18 pages)
Animal totem
Animals symbolism
Monkey totem
Cats of magick

Owl Wisdom


15. Fairy Magick (10 pages)
Fairy Magick 

Fairy spell and potion
Fairy Skin Glamoury

16. Love Magick (8 pages)
Intro to Love Magick

To obtain a man’s love
To gain a love of an indifferent man
To cool a love relationship
Love Potion #9
Love Powder
Lovers Tea
Lust Dust
Bed Blessing

17. Dream Magick (14 pages)
Dream Pillows 

Pillow stuffing directions and formulary for Love and Happiness, Prophetic Dreams 1, Protection and Peace, Healing Blend, Headache blend, Nightmare prevention, Hops sleep blend, Sweet lavender blend, Restful Sleep, Sleep inducing, Peaceful slumber, Relaxing dreams, Convalescent rest, Pleasant Dreams, Sweet Dreams, Romantic evening dreams, Sensual dreams, Amorous dreams, Romantic novel dreams, Traveler’s comfort, Vacation bless, Headache Pillow (warm or cold), Prophetic Dreams 2 
Dream of Luck
Keeping a dream journal
Lucid dreaming
Dreams and Magick

18. Herbs and Trees (54 pages)
Magickal herbs
Methods of using herbs in magick (burning, carrying, growing, powdering, infusion, seeding) 

Charging Herbs
Herbs in alphabetical order (properties and magickal use)
Herbs for
certain magical purposes (beauty, love, money, business, wishes, etc.)
Herbs Redes
Herbs for Love
Protective Herbs
Garden Butterfly and Bee
Trees: meaning, lore, and magickal properties
Celtic Trees
Tree of Life
Mandrake information and lore
Mandrake potion for protection/purification
Mandrake Exorcism potion
Mandrake Conjure bag for passion
Mandrake Conjure bag to bring love into your life

19. Potions (38 pages)
Everything you need to know about potions and how to brew them
Empowering a potion
Nine easy steps for making a Powerful Magick Potion
Love potion

Stay away potion
Aphrodisiacal potion to awaken a passion
Potion to gain the power of clairvoyance
Potion to have prophetic dreams 

Purification formula
Formula to protect a house
Love Philter

Formula against insomnia and nightmares
The formula for Witch’s Honey

Moon water
Sun water)
War water

Four Thieves Vinegar 
Knowledge Tea
Fortune Potion
Truth potion
Aphrodisiac after-bath potion
Red Witch Love Potion 

To empower herbal tea
Healing potion formulas for teas, salves, poultices, and other various mixtures:

The formula for common headaches
The formula for migraine and tension relief
Formula for common flu, cold and bronchial alignment
The formula for flu and bronchial remedies
The formula for chest congestion and bronchial problems
The formula for a bronchial cough remedy
Basic healing spell to use with healing potions
Health benefits of ingredients in the herbal potions
Witches’ holy water
Formula to make Condenser fluid
Teas for Clairvoyance

20. Magickal Bath (26 pages)
Magickal Bath information and how to prepare one
For love (aphrodisiacal)

To attract love, 
For money
For purification ritual
To develop psychic powers
Money bath 
A Witch’s bath
Dieter’s magical bath
Bewitching Bath
Money bath 2
Beauty bath
Negative energy removal bath
Nefertiti’s Queen of Egypt Milk Bath
Cleopatra’s Hair Conditioner

Energy cleansing shower
To heal pain bath
Magickal Bath Salt – how to make a basic bath salt 
Magickal Salt Formulary for Healing, Protection, Love, Divine-spiritual, High Priestess, Air, Celibacy, Circle, Earth, Exorcism, Fire, Flowery, Healing 2, High awareness, Love 2, Lust, Protection 2, Psychic, Purification, Sea Witch, Spiritual, Water, Water2
Magickal Soap – how to make a magickal soap

Ritual Soap Spheres
Liquid Ritual Soap 1
Liquid Ritual Soap 2
Magickal Soap Formulary for Isis soap, Love soap, Luck soap, Money Soap, Moon soap, Protection soap, Psychic soap, Sabbat soap, Witch’s soap

21. Magickal Incense (24 pages)
Magickal Incense intro – everything you need to know about magickal incense
Two forms of incense

A simple recipe to make your own incense
Empowering Ritual
Using incense

Simple incense
All-purpose incense
Magickal Incense Formulary for: Altar incense, Aphrodite incense, Astral Travel Incense, Binding incense, Business incense, Circle incense, Clearing incense, Consecration incense, Courage incense, Crystal purification incense, Curse-breaker incense, Divination Incense, Dream incense, Eightfold hearth incense, “For emergencies” incense, Game of chance incense, Healing incense, House purification incense, Incubus incense, Kyphi incense, Kyphi incense simplified, “Lock” incense, Love incense, Mediation incense, Prophesy incense, Prophetic dream incense, Prosperity incense, Protection incense, Psychic incense, Purification incense, Rain incense, Riches and favors incense, Study incense, Success incense, Talisman consecration incense, True love incense, Vision incense, Wealth incense, Lunar blend incense, Scrying incense

22. Magickal Oil (44 pages)
Magickal oil intro – everything you need to know about magickal oil 

Mixing Oils
Empowering magickal oil
Magickal Oil Formulary for: Air oil, Altar oil, Anointing oil for rituals, Aphrodite oil, Aquarius oil, Aries oil, Astral travel oil, Beltane oil, Business success oil, Cancer oil, Capricorn oil, Come to me oil, Come and see me oil, Courage oil, Demeter oil, Earth oil, Earth Mother oil, Energy oil, Fire oil, Gemini oil, Goddess oil, Good luck oil, Healing oil, Hecate oil, Initiation oil, Interview oil, Isis oil, Jupiter oil, Leo oil, Libra oil, Love oil, Litha/Midsummer oil, Lughnassadh/Lammas oil, Lunar oil, Mabon oil, Mars oil, Mercury oil, Money fast oil, Moon oil, Ostara oil, Peace oil, Pisces oil, Power oil, Protection oil, Psychic oil, Psychic awareness oil, Psychic protection oil, Purification oil, Reveal truth oil, Rites of Isis oil, Sabbat oil, Sacred oil, Sagittarius oil, Samhain oil, Saturn oil, Scorpio oil, Sexual energy oil, Sleep oil, Spirit oil, Spirit oil (elemental), Sun oil, Sun God oil, Taurus oil, Temple oil, Venus oil, Virgo oil, Vision oil, Water oil (elemental), Wealth oil, Yule oil, Blessing oil, Oils of the Zodiac 

Ointments – how to make a basic ointment
Shortening method
Beeswax method
Historical flying ointments information 
Poisonous Herbs
Non-poisonous herbs 
Flying Witches’ ointment formulas – a total of 13 formulas (Do not mix and use them! These formulas contain poisonous herbs and given for historical information purposes only!)

Modern Witches’ ointment formulas (safe to use): Flying ointment, Healing ointment, Psychic powers ointment, Lust ointment, Moon Goddess ointment, Protection ointment, Hex-breaker ointment, Riches ointment, Sun God ointment, Youth ointment, Exorcism ointment, “Cure Anything” ointment.

23. Divinations (44 pages)
Request for clairvoyant powers

Hecate’s recipe for clairvoyance brew

Divination intro
Pendulum and how to use it
Quija Board and how to use it
Vision Quest 

Vision Quest potion powder

Tarot cards
Celtic cross spread
Tarot cards Major Arcana
Tarot cards Manor Arcana

Scrying spell
Tassology – the art of tea-leaf reading
Scrying Using the Black Mirror

Meaning of Runes
Binding Runes
To empower a Bind Rune
Fire Scrying
Scrying information on different methods of scrying
How scrying works
What happens when we are scrying?
The moon in scrying
Eight powerful exercises for scrying 

24. Miscellaneous Magickal information (31 pages)
Love pills
Talisman for Luck 

Amulet of power
Amulet to Achieve Success in Business
Finding your magickal name
Sachets – everything you need to know about the magickal sachet 

Sachet formulas for Love, Money, To win at games of chance, For protection when traveling, To acquire riches, To attract the love of a man
Poppet – everything you need to know about magickal poppet and how to create one

Glamour Mirror Magick
Ritual of the Mirror and the Brush
Shell Correspondences
Mind Link 


25. Spells (136 pages)
How to write a powerful spell Prosperity spells:
Job spell
Prosperity spell
Prosperity Potion
Lottery Chant
Lucky Stone
Luck Charm
To Bring Prosperity
To Banish debs
To bring fortune
Wish spell
“Wish Come True” spell
Employment spell

Love spells:
Love spell
Witches’ Love Bottle
Charm for Fertility
Love spell 2
Woman’s (or Girl’s) spell for confidence (to get rid of shyness)
Love charm
Love spell 3
To cause a person to call you
Friendship spell
Friendship blessing
Beauty Spell
Vervain spell for Everlasting Youth
Seven-penny spell
Marriage proposal spell

Protection spells:
Broken Mirror Spell
Negativity removal spell
Blue Flame spell
To break a spell cast upon you
Spell to Stop Bullies
Banishing spell
Mirror Protection spell for the home
Protect an object
Witches Bottle for Protection
Witches Protection Bottle (another method)
Protection spell
To protect home
Ritual to break psychic bonds
Spell to stop gossip or slander
Shield spell
To banish negativity
Return negative energy
To stop harassment
To protect your home from an oncoming storm
To protect an object
Balance Chant
Protection Charm
To remove a troublesome person from your life
To bind a troublemaker
Breaking another witch’s spell
To repel sorceries and curses
Freezer binding

Creativity spells:
Muses – nine muses of inspiration
Inspiration ritual
Nine Muses of Inspiration spell
Inspiration spell
Student’s fluorite for knowledge retention
Brigit Writers Block spell

Healing spells:
Healing spell 1
Depression relief spell
Headache relief spell
Heal all spell
Healing Charm
Healing Flames
Healing spell 2
Healing spell 3
Bathwater healing spell
Break bad habits spell
To aid in Depression
Nightmare prevention
Popper healing
To heal old wounds
Spell to Banish shyness
Spell to heal
Anti-Depressant drink
To banish illness
Witches’ healing spell bottle
To heal physical pain
To remove pain
Sachet for healing
To banish illness
Spell with eucalyptus
Hematite healing spell
Quartz crystal healing
Healing candle
Vanilla stress release spell
Moon water tonic
Sea-shell spell

Miscellaneous spells:
Lost and found Spell
Spell for the earth
Snow spell 1
Snow spell 2
Blessing for fish
Blessing for dogs
Water spell
Witches ladder for comfort and blessing
For improved memory
A chant for the garden
Quick spell chart table 

Notes on Magickal Working

Book also includes 58 Blank Pages (58 pages) 

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