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About Three Aspects of Divine Feminine

Vasanta Navaratri (Spring Navaratri) – according to the Vedic Calendar begins tomorrow – March 18. Navaratri (translates from Sanskrit as “Nine Nights”) – is a Vedic celebration of reverence for Shakti – Universal Divine Feminine. Shakti is manifested in three forms: Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. For the first three days, the Goddess Durga is honored. …

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Goddess Saraswati (post from January 22nd)

Devi Saraswati is honored today. She is a beloved Goddess of wisdom and knowledge. I am going to light a yellow candle next to the statue of Saraswati today. This statue usually sits next to my laptop as I write articles for LaPulia Studio, research papers, and chapters for my two upcoming books. She’s the …

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About Wall Street, Runes, Tarot and Destructive Forces

Most of my close friends and family members know the fact that my husband is a Wall Street Wizard. He started the same year when our second baby girl – Violeta was born – in 1995. He worked for Morgan Stanley and Dean Witter (I hope I spelled these names correctly). Then he worked for …

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Page from Rita’s Personal Book of Shadows from 2003!

Another image from the inside of the Book I started 13.5 years ago. The following is the copy of the text from the original post (June 30th, 2017) that explains some history about how this Book was started: “When I face some kind of a block in my work, I usually stop doing everything, especially writing. …

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About Many Teachers and One Guru

I’ve always had teachers: from earlier days of my life to ensure I get through elementary school to current professors. I also had many “non-traditional” teachers such as Ken Wilber for Integral Psychology, Stanislav Grof for Transpersonal and Holotropic, even late Dr. Wayne Dyer, (just naming a few). But there is always Only One Guru. …

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Summer Solstice and Spiritual Practice

Today is Summer Solstice which marks the longest day of the year. It is also called Midsummer’s Day. Because the Sun is considered as one of the primary sources of energy (or prana, or chi) and light, this day is one of the auspicious days of the year. Doesn’t matter of which spiritual tradition you …

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Happy Midsummer’s Day / Summer Solstice

Happy Midsummer’s Day or Summer’s Solstice – the longest day of the year! May you all be happy, prosperous, and healthy! At LaPulia Studio, we have Free Midsummer printable pages for your own Book of Shadows or Grimoire! To download them in high resolution, please click on the following image:

Goddess Lakshmi – Part 1

“Lakshmi is a Goddess of Fortune. Even though she is considered to be a Hindu Goddess, I personally think that she is a Universal Goddess. Anyone who chooses a spiritual focus for bringing more fortune and abundance into their lives can call upon her. She is the Goddess of wealth, prosperity, abundance, beauty and love. …

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