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The content of this remarkable Witchcraft Book was chosen based on the successful, practical results that had been achieved during many years of magical practice. Even though it is called the Traditional Witchcraft Grimoire, it is not limited to one particular tradition. Instead, it contains a perfect blend of different magical and spiritual practices. Like an umbrella, it combines old folk magic from wise women and cunning men and the ritual magic of European witchcraft practitioners. However, it is highly evolved and has been adapted according to the needs of the modern, 21st-century magical practitioner; unlike the old, Medieval witchcraft practitioners, modern witches do not have the luxury of spending countless hours on a single ritual therefore, you will find everything you need in this one volume.

Traditional Witchcraft Grimoire Table of Content

Title Page
Power page
Book Dedication

1. Arts of Magick
Science of Magick
Seven Hermetic Principles
Sources of Energy
Chakra – Personal Energy Vortex
Cone of Power and Energy Ball
How to Direct Energy
Grounding and Centering
States of Consciousness (ways to alter the state of consciousness)
Other World – Levels of Reality and How to Work within Each
Astral Manipulations
Astral Forms
Astral Projection
Astral Magick
Tree of Life
Understanding the Death
Death Mysteries
Samhain – Time to Honor the Dead
Samhain – Divination
Ancestors’ Altar
Dumb Supper
Witch’s Sabbath
Archetypal Witch and Archetypal Wizard
Magickal Self – Developing a Magickal Persona

2. Gods and Spirits
Choosing a Belief System
Gods and Goddesses
Invocation and Evocation
Opening Rituals
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBPR)
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram (BRH)
The Middle Pillar Ritual
Spirits Entities
Types of Spirit Entities:
Angelic Spirits
Elemental Spirits
Planetary Spirits
Astral Spirits
Demonic Spirits
Spirit Conjuration and Evocation:
Circle of Protection
List of Various Spirit Entities with their seals, sigils, and suggested task assignments based on their expertise

3. Practical Sorcery
Tools (Wand, Athame, Cauldron, Broom)
Magical Mirror
Mind Link
Animal totem
Fairy Magick
Dream Magick
Phases of Moon
Moon in Astrological Signs
Table of Planetary Hours
Day correspondence
Planetary Rulers
Candle magick
Colors correspondence

4. Altering Reality
How to write a Spell
Quick spell chart table
Prosperity Magick
Love Magick
Protection Magick
Healing Magick
5. Herbs and Trees
Magickal herbs
Methods of using herbs in magick
(burning, carrying, growing, powdering, infusion, seeding)

Charging Herbs
Herbs in alphabetical order (properties and magickal use)
Herbs for a certain magickal purpose (beauty, love, money, business, wishes, etc.)
Mandrake Trees: meaning, lore, and magickal properties

6. Potions
Everything you need to know about potions and how to brew them
Brewing and Empowering a potion
Nine easy steps for making a Powerful Magick Potion
Magickal Potions: Recipes and Formulas

7. Magickal Bath
Making and Empowering
Magickal Bath Formulary
Magickal Soap – how to make a magickal soap
Magickal Soap Formulary

8. Magickal Incense Making, Mixing, and Empowering
Magickal Incense Formulary

9.   Magickal Oil
Making, Mixing, and Empowering
Magickal Oil Formulary
Magickal Ointment Formulary
Flying ointment formulas – a total of 13 formulas
(Do not mix and use them! These formulas contain poisonous herbs and are only given for historical information purposes!)

Modern Witches’ ointment formulas (safe to use):
Flying ointment,
Healing ointment,
Psychic powers ointment,
Lust ointment,
Moon Goddess ointment,
Protection ointment,
Hex-breaker ointment,
Riches ointment,
Sun God ointment,
Youth ointment,
Exorcism ointment,
“Cure Anything” ointment.

10. Crystals and Gems
Cleansing and Programming
Crystals and Gems in alphabetical order with a magical association.

11. Divinations
Request for clairvoyant powers
Hecate’s recipe for clairvoyance brew
Pendulum and how to use it
Quija Board and how to use it
Vision Quest
Vision Quest potion powder
Tarot cards
Celtic cross spread
Tarot cards Major Arcana
Tarot cards Manor Arcana
Scrying information on different methods of scrying
How scrying works
What happens when we are scrying?
Scrying spell
Scrying Using the Black Mirror
Fire Scrying
Tassology – the art of tea-leaf reading
Meaning of Runes

12. Blank Pages (58 pages)

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