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Love Magic Grimoire

Looking to attract new love or keep the current one alive? Or maybe you want to spice up your marriage? Well, you got it! No need to look any further, because all you need to successfully perform love magic can be found right here: love spells, love magic, love attracting information and rituals and by itself, this book is a love talisman.

The Love Magic Grimoire contains all of the same pages us our original Love Magic Grimoire, with a different cover design.

Must be at least 18 years of age to order!

Love Magic Grimoire contains 400 acid-free French parchment pages printed on a high-quality commercial laser printer.

Love Magic Grimoire Content:
Title Pages (3 pages)
Love Magick casting steps (3 pages)
Love Altar (3 pages)
Gods and Goddesses for Love Magick (9 pages)
Handfasting (14 pages)
Wheel of the Year (3 pages)
Irish Rose Pagan Valentine (5 pages)
Gemstones for Love (3 pages)
Herbs Trees for Love (17 pages)
Mandrake for Love Magick (3 pages)
Love Fragrance (33 pages)
Love Bath Formulas (11 pages)
Love Filters (11 pages)
Tea for Love (6 pages)
Aphrodisiacs and Food for Love(43 pages)
Sex Magick (27 pages)
Assorted Love Spells (87 pages)
Love Spells (37 pages)

Your magical Book of Shadows or Grimoire will be crafted in accordance with the oldest witchcraft traditions. LaPulia Book of Shadows only uses brand new, pristine, and virgin clean materials of the highest quality. In addition, before use, all of the materials used to create your book undergo a special cleansing ceremony to remove any negative energy and prepare them for use in production. Lastly, every single Book of Shadows and Grimoire is magically blessed before it is shipped to you.

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