What is a Witchcraft and who are Witches

What is a Witchcraft, Who are Witches, and What is magick?

I have been asked countless questions about witchcraft. What is magick? Who are those creatures called witches? Is magick real and does it work? What powers do magickal folks possess? Why are people both afraid of and envious of these abilities? Do witches truly know how to harness the power of the gods?

There are numerous ways to answer the above questions; however all of those answers are the “right answer” as an individual’s response reflects his or her perception of reality. This is why I always tell new witches: “learn, study, and read but don’t adopt another’s opinion as your own unless it fits into your beliefs.”

I’ve condensed these questions into one statement: “Who is the Witch and how and when does the Witch relate to magick?”

In current and future newsletters, as well as in my blog, I will provide brief explanations on a range of topics that will allow you to better understand how witches like myself lead their magickal lives and how their practices can be applied in your day to day life.

The following answers are a reflection of my own opinion. My views are based on my studies, knowledge, experiences, and understanding of Reality. All of these beliefs are heavily reflected in my Books in greater details.
I will also delve deeper in the topics discussed in this newsletter, as I feel they are extremely important to the development of the Witch.

1. Witches understand the Energy of Creation and know how to use it to benefit not only our own lives, but also the lives of others.
We know that Reality continuously changes to reflect the Energy level we are resonating on. We learn how to bend Reality at will. We see ourselves as spiritual beings having human experiences rather than as human beings having spiritual experiences. We recognize that everything surrounding us is a manifestation of the divine; and that every single action we take is a divine action.

2. Witches straddle the line between two worlds, the physical and the divine (spiritual world, other world, unknown world, spirit world, etc.), with one foot firmly grounded in each world. This skill, however, is one that must be both understood and developed. As the skill is developed, a witch might fall off balance at least once, faces the consequences, and continues his or her growth. If the skill is never developed then the witch will not be able to properly function in either world.
I feel that I should further explain this, so beginners can prevent creating difficult situations for themselves that could impact their daily lives. Imagine that you are socially interacting with a close friend, who knows nothing about magick; you suddenly find out that you are not talking to the physical being but to his or her spirit. This means that you have slipped to the spiritual realm. When you hold a conversation from the spiritual realm, you speak and act in the way of it. And if person is unprepared, you can freak him or her out. And if that close, loyal friend will walk away from you after only one conversation, he or she cannot be blamed for that.
Keep this story and facts in mind when communicating with others, and be consciously present in the current moment. It may be tough, especially in the beginning, but who ever said that being a witch was easy?

3. Witches lead magickal lives. Few witches, and I am one of those lucky few, proudly say that their magickal business can support their lifestyle. It is very important to grasp this concept for those of you who seek higher self-development because, as unfortunate as it is, this area of life is left mostly unattended. Some of my fellow witches express their belief that money and spirituality do not go hand-in-hand, but they cannot answer one simple question: How high you can climb up the spiritual ladder if all you can think of, and give your energy to, is paying your electric bill?

4. We understand the most powerful force in existence is the power of the mind. We know how to harness this power and employ it so we can live a life of freedom, love, joy, and prosperity.
We also know that, for the most part, the never-ending power of the mind is one of the most overlooked subjects in the history of manifesting.
My own investigation into the ultimate power of the human mind started over a decade ago lead me to become a devoted scholar of the Psychology.  In my 3rd Year Academy Textbook, I reveal why an understanding of the human mind and human psychology are essential to unlock the door to the world of magick; a world of infinite possibilities. I also explain “mind-boggling” facts about it all relates to the “Law of Mind”, a far more powerful law than the misunderstood “Law of Attraction”.

5. Witches dwell in Reality and work at seeing both the essences and absences of it rather than perceiving the world from duality consciousness.

6. Witches can access the Source of All Knowledge (also known as Akashic Records, Collective Unconscious, and etc.) and use it as a priceless tool in understanding the unknown and gaining awareness of the Future. Witches, like the great geniuses, who knew of discoveries and innovations beyond their time and perceived truth others were oblivious to, unlock a higher ability to function both easily and effectively.

7. Because Magic is a force that flows through the human mind and the universe as a whole, rather than being a separate entity, it can be called upon and its nature aligned for the advantage of the witch. Since the dawn of humanity countless individuals and groups have sought to harness the secrets of these forces and, in doing so, have realized for themselves enormous amounts of political, social, and economic power. Witches learn to use these same elements to highly leverage their own personal life.

© Rita Digilova 2010


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