Protection Magic

Ensure that You and Your Family are Always Protected Against  Any Form of Hostility with our Protection Grimoire!
With the Help of this Protection Grimoire You Will:
• Bind forever a persistent enemy that will not leave you alone
• Perform banishing rituals and spells
 • Make amulets that will prevent from most attacks
• Avert attacks against you / deflect them back to sender immediately 
• Summon guardian spirits for help
 •  Reverse curses, hexes, black magic spells and other attacks against you
• Recognize the signs and the source of an attack
• Appease angry spirits
• Identify herbs and crystals for protection
• Create your own oils, incenses, and potions for protection
• Book also has an extensive collection of:
Rune Staves, Rune Scrips, Bindrunes, 
and unique Three-Rune (for protection “on-the-go”) formulas 
that must be used to protect you from any harm on every level:  
physical, magical, astral, spiritual and other forms of attacks. 
and much more…

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