Charmed Book of Shadows

Charmed Book of Shadows became one of the icons of the modern witchcraft. And with an ancient Triquetra symbol on the cover. Charmed Replica Book of Shadows makes a perfect keepsake and a great gift or an excellent companion for a practitioner of the Craft.

Here at LaPulia Book of Shadows, we make one of the best replicas of the Charmed Book. And to accomplish that, we use only the best materials available. Printed on archival grade parchment paper and bound in genuine Italian leather. Your  Charmed Book of Shadows will last for many generations to come.

Also, another thing to remember is, we currently offer two versions of this Book. The first version is the one that has all the pages that featured in the show and are exact replicas of the original art. The second version is the one that has everything that the first one has. And also pages that aren’t featured on the TV’s Book of Shadows and made by our artists, using information from the show, mythology, fairy tales, etc. These pages beautifully created in the same style as the rest of the Charmed Book of Shadows pages. Both versions are a great value and an excellent gift.

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