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Protection Magic Grimoire

Ensure that You and Your Family are Always Protected with Protection Magic Against  

Any Form of Hostility with our Protection Grimoire!

With the Help of this Protection Grimoire You Will:

• Bind forever a persistent enemy that will not leave you alone

• Perform banishing rituals and spells

 • Make amulets that will prevent from most attacks

• Avert attacks against you / deflect them back to sender immediately 

• Summon guardian spirits for help

 •  Reverse curses, hexes, black magic spells and other attacks against you

• Get rid of energy parasites, leeches, vampires and other unfavorable entities

• Recognize the signs and the source of an attack

• Appease angry spirits

• Identify herbs and crystals for protection

• Create your own oils, incenses, and potions for protection

• Book also has an extensive collection of:

Rune Staves, Rune Scrips, Bindrunes, 

and unique Three-Rune (for protection “on-the-go”) formulas 

that must be used to protect you from any harm on every level:  

physical, magical, astral, spiritual and other forms of attacks. 

and much more…

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