Magical Tomes Collection

Magical Tomes Collection by LaPulia Book of Shadows. Magical Tomes, Book of Shadows, Grimoire, Book of Spells, and other Magical Artifacts that will help you practice your craft. These items will be in your family for many generations to come because we make them using top quality materials and exceptional craft. (with Rita Digilova, founder …

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May Our Beloved Goddess Lakshmi Bless Us All!

May our Beloved Goddess Lakshmi shower on us her immense blessings, enriching us with prosperity, wealth, and joy! Today is one of the most auspicious days called Diwali or Deepawali, a Festival of Lights celebrated in India and all over the world by those who follow Sanatana Dharma Tradition. During this time, a Mother Lakshmi …

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Full Moon in October – Day to Celebrate Goddess Lakshmi

May the Blessings and the Divine Energy of the Goddess Lakshmi always be with us!  The day of the Full Moon of the month of October (which is today, October 24) is a special day.  Today we have a special opportunity to honor Goddess Lakshmi and invite her to our home.  This day is known …

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Biblio Magica – Book of Shadows

Biblio Magica by LaPulia Book of Shadows is hardbound in Chestnut Italian leather that we manually aged to achieve the antique look. Each detail on the cover is raised and hand sculpted under the leather.  This is the similar Book that belonged to Aggie Cromwell in the Disney’s “Halloweentown 2”. For more images, please click …

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Grand Grimoire

Grand Grimoire – by LaPulia Book of Shadows is created for someone who wants to live a life of material success without losing their spiritual goals. It Is our classic and one of our bestsellers with three contents bound together in one Book: 1. Original Wicca Witchcraft Book of Shadows  2. Protection Grimoire 3. Money Wealth and Prosperity Grimoire The …

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Elemental Magic Book of Shadows by LaPulia Studio

Elemental Magic in 11.5″x14.5″ size, hardbound in top quality Winter White Italian leather. For more info and to peek inside the Elemental Magic with Traditional Witchcraft Grimoire, please click on the first image. To peek inside the Elemental Magic with Original Wiccan Content, please click on the second image:          

Apprentice Grimoire

Here are our Apprentice Grimoires in two sizes: 9″x12″ and 11.5″x14.5″. Our Apprentice Grimoires are bound in top quality Italian leather and are famous for the unique rounded spine. Just like with most of our Books, you can choose the binding method: 1. hard-binding (classical binding) or  2. post-binding (allows you to add, remove or …

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Winter Magic – Book of Shadows

Our Winter Magic Book of Shadows is Hardbound in winter-white Italian leather, it features raised and sculpted Tree standing straight and strong inside the golden oval plate! Available in medium 9″x12″ and large 11.5″x14.5″ sizes. You can have it with Traditional Witchcraft content, Original Wiccan content or with blank pages only. Just like with the …

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