Circle of Runes – Book of Shadows and Magic Grimoire

Circle of Runes – book cover design is one of our most popular and best-selling designs made in top-grade Italian leather and acid-free archival-grade materials.

Circle of Runes Book of Shadows and Magic Grimoire is a beautiful tome made in top-grade Italian leather. This book’s cover features a full Runic Futhark (an alphabet) arranged in a circle with a “Book of Shadows” wording in the center. This book cover design celebrates a Northern mystical heritage and the magical power of runes. With each Rune carrying its symbolism and energy makes this cover a perfect choice for someone who is series about Magic and its power of manifestation. This also makes this book an excellent choice for whole Coven use.

This book cover also comes with three binding options: 1. the Hard-Binding (the traditional bookbinding method), 2. the Post-Binding (you can move pages around, take them out, and put them back), 3. Practical Magic Binding design (it’s like having two books in one. One is hidden inside the other), which can also be done in Hard-Binding and Post-Binding.

Your new Book of Shadows and Magic Grimoire may contain one of several book contents we offer:

Original Wiccan Book of ShadowsTraditional Witchcraft Grimoire, or a Blank Book of Shadows, your Personal Magic Journal.

Circle of Runes Book Cover Design

Circle of Runes Book of Shadows
Circle of Runes Book of Shadows

Click here to see multiple contents and binding options.

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