Most of my close friends and family members know the fact that my husband is a Wall Street Wizard. He started the same year when our second baby girl – Violeta was born – in 1995. He worked for Morgan Stanley and Dean Witter (I hope I spelled these names correctly). Then he worked for Oracle Corp. as a consultant for Chase Manhattan when he was one of the architects working on developing and implementing EZ Pass for NJTP.

Then in 2001, after my father passed away and 9/11 happened, he began working for himself.
Being through bear and bull markets, through ups and downs, eventually, he became one of those rarest Stock Market Risk and Loss Management Specialist/Analyst.

However, it didn’t happen overnight!
Over the years, he has been mathematically calculating and developing and failing and developing again formulas that would allow him to protect the assets. And to make things more dramatic, all of these were going on during what I call “our exile years”.
Those were tough years…Three children – two teenage-girls (both in prep schools), one toddler, a wife with unusual book business, mother-in-law (bless her heart), and a dog – all of us needed his attention and care during the daytimes. But at night – he worked. He worked every night… And also during the daytime… Despite all of us distracting him, he consistently worked, he persisted…

After days and days, months and months, he finally succeeded!
Nowadays, he is one of those few Wall Street Wizards, who knows how to make money on trading stocks, but what is the most important, the unique formulas that he created – ensure that he does not lose any of his assets and earnings!

And no, those are not “stop loss” implementations. I don’t really understand how it all works, but what I know is that “stop loss” doesn’t really protect anything, therefore, he wasn’t happy with it at all.
According to him, the most important skill in stock trading is to learn to protect your assets and proper risk management.

But the initial intention of this post wasn’t about my husband’s work. I just wanted to say that most of our friends and family know that my husband is a Wall Street Wizard, but what many are not aware of, is that he also has a thorough knowledge of Runes (who could’ve guessed, right?).

So, last night, when I proudly showed him the new beautiful set of Antler Rune Set made by my soul-sister Loren Morris (To see this set, please click on the link in the first comment), my husband was amazed and said: “Each piece in this set archetypically connects you to the energy of the Rune that it depicts.”

What does it mean “archetypically connects”?

Well, each Rune represents something or some force in life, so to speak.

For example, in it’s purest meaning, Hagalaz is a destruction and crisis that destroys in the same manner as lightning would destroy the strong tree.

Despite, of what some modern authors write about Hagalaz that says something like: “this is a crisis, but it will bring you to a positive change”, I can say for sure – there is nothing, and I will repeat this, “NOTHING” positive about what Hagalaz brings into one’s life. Hagalaz is a destructive force! Will it bring a positive change or not, depends on whether you survive through that crisis.
But even if you survived through it, the so-called “positive change” isn’t guaranteed either…

Years ago, when I read some of the modern descriptions of the meaning of Runes and Tarot, I just literally wanted to scream at these people and ask: “Are you out of your minds? There is nothing positive about the change that Rune Hagalaz brings with it and there is nothing positive about the Card Death and/or Tower!”

Next time, when you think about Tower, just think about 9/11. How many of those who were inside the Tower survived?
And how many lives of those who were in some way connected to the Tower but were not inside at the time of destruction weren’t drastically affected?

Here is my real-life example of the Tower: My husband was late to work on 9/11 because I had to go to work very early and he needed to take Rebecca to school that morning. Rebecca overslept and took her precious time to get ready for school, therefore she was late. But thanks to Rebecca, her dad was late too and got stuck in the traffic on NJTP where he had to see how the airplanes crashed into the Towers. He wasn’t inside the Tower, he survived, but his life after 9/11 became what is called a “series of ordeals” that took years to overcome.
And not just for him, there are thousands like him who survived the “Tower” but had to face everything else that “Tower” brought with it.

Now, how about those who didn’t survive? Which positive changes did they see???

In modern days we tend to “sugar-coat” everything: our ordeals, our troubles, even description of the Tarot Cards and Runes.
So, if you read somewhere that Rune Hagalaz will bring you a positive change after some destruction or Death Card will remove something from your life that you don’t need and you will face the light afterward, DO NOT just believe it! Some people don’t even survive through the period that is represented by Death Card and if there is any light they saw afterward (as some writers mention in their books) it was the light at the end of the tunnel (you know which tunnel I mean).

Therefore, when you are facing a period in your life that is represented by Death Card or Rune Hagalaz (or other cards and runes that represent destructive forces), don’t sit and wait for a positive change to happen!
Instead – prepare! Prepare to fight, get your sh$# together, and get ready!

I know, I’ve been saying and writing things that might be difficult to hear and accept, but it’s better for everyone to know the truth instead of living in the “sugar-coated” delusion and not to be prepared for tough times.

Nowadays, when I hear these “nice” and “candy-sweet” descriptions of the life-forces that might literally destroy one’s life, I play a role of late George Carlin and say his famous phrase: “It’s all bullsh$% folks, all bullsh$%, and it’s bad for ya!”

I know, many of my customers asked me to write a Book of Rune Magic and include the REAL meaning of each Rune and the life-force it represents. I already started working on it. I don’t know when I’ll be able to complete it though…

But now you can get your One of a Kind Magical Rune Set from my dearest Loren Morris while she has it in her store:

~ by Rita Digilova, December 2017

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