Dear Friends,

As you may already be aware, our operations are in the process of winding down, and we will cease production of these books. We are concluding our activities and would like to present this exquisite masterpiece, which served as a Grand Master Grimoire at LaPuia Studio for more than a decade.

Within this colossal Grimoire, you will find an assortment of pages derived from our various Books of Shadows and Grimoires. It was meticulously crafted over the course of numerous years, with additional pages being incorporated as we advanced in our work. Alongside our printed pages, there exists a plethora of handwritten pages, hand-painted artwork, and stickers.

The Grand Master Grimoire is bound in exquisite Italian leather and measures 11.5 inches in width by 14.5 inches in height, with a thickness of 6.5 inches.

It contains an extensive number of pages, making it challenging to determine an exact count. Nevertheless, it is entirely filled and lacks any blank pages.

This book represents the culmination of our efforts throughout the years in testing the efficacy of the magic contained within these pages. The Grimoire has been a prominent presence during numerous Consecrations and Charges Rituals conducted at the studio, accompanying each Book of Shadows and Grimoire on their journey to their respective new owners.

Thank you,


Seize this extraordinary chance to acquire a truly rare Artifact that should not be overlooked.

Triquetra Master Grand Grimoire
Triquetra Master Grand Grimoire

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