Dear Friends,

We are pleased to inform you that we are nearing the completion of the last orders that were placed before March 15th, and they will be dispatched to their new homes within the next two weeks. As we approach the end, we still have left a limited stock of 3 printed contents available in the large size of “11×14”. The available contents are as follows: Original – 1 content, Traditional – 2 contents.

Furthermore, we still have some remaining leather in the following colors: black, blue, green, and brown.

We have been receiving numerous inquiries from customers regarding book orders. We had to decline these requests as we had stopped accepting new orders and are preparing to close the studio. However, due to the surplus of printed contents that we currently possess, we have decided to offer them to those who truly desire to own one of our esteemed Book of Shadows.

Therefore, If anyone is interested in purchasing one of those three books, we encourage you to place your order promptly.

Warm regards, Rita

If you want to purchase one of LaPulia’s books, place your order now.

LaPulia Book of Shadows
LaPulia Book of Shadows

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