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Note: because this Book is already made;

The Book you see in the pictures is the exact Book you will get.

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Traditional Witchcraft Grimoire Book of Shadows is a non-religious magical arts book. Rita Digilova specially wrote this content for witches and wizards who follow Traditional Witchcraft Practice, also known as Old Folk Magic. Wise men and women observed the magical witchcraft practice contained here for many generations and across many traditions and religious belief systems.

This Book is full of Real, Time-tested Working Magical information such as Magic Spells, Rituals, Incantations, Potions, Herbs, Crystals, and lots more. Here you will also find information on Pagan Gods and Goddesses, Fairies, and other Magical Creatures, as well as the Spirits and much more.

From this Magic Book, you will also learn how to correctly cast a Protective Circle, do the Magical Clearing and Cleansing, properly Cast Spells, and perform Magic Rituals.

This list is just a short list of information in this Book. And there is a lot more. This Book has everything a Traditional Witchcraft Practitioner will need to practice the Craft successfully.

This Book is Handcrafted from Top Quality Materials and designed and made to last for generations.


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Mermaid’s Treasure Traditional Witchcraft Grimoire

Note: because this book is already made;

The book you see in the pictures is the exact book you will get.

Also, it ships one business day after purchase.


The “Mermaid’s Treasure” Book of Shadows is a beautiful tome bound in first-grade Italian blue leather. It also features genuine freshwater pearls! The Grimoire was made, by LaPulia, to awaken the Element of Water. Calm like the sea or possessing the force of torrential rain, the emotions brought forth by this Element are plentiful, indeed. The Element of Water, by nature, is said to awaken intuition, compassion, and understanding. This forth also brings up the ability to see things more clearly. Call it psychic, if you will.

You can find an in-depth description of the content of this boom by following this link: Traditional Witchcraft Grimoire Books of Shadows.

It is LaPulia’s Book of Shadows’ purpose to bring Real Magic from the World of Ideas into the World of physical form and Reality. To accomplish this goal, we imbue each Book with magical energy. By doing that, every Book becomes a powerful Magical Artifact. And as a magical artifact, your Book of Shadows or Grimoire will create a strong connection with you. And as a result, it will activate and increase your mystical consciousness.

This Book will be Handcrafted from Top Quality Materials.

Designed and Made to Last for Generations.

Also, your magical Book of Shadows or Grimoire will be crafted following the oldest witchcraft traditions. We only use brand new, top-quality, unused virgin materials to accomplish this. Also, before use, all materials undergo a special cleansing ceremony. This service removes all negative energy and prepares them for use in production. And lastly, before Book of Shadows or Grimoire is shipped, it’s magically blessed and charged.

LaPulias’ Traditional Witchcraft Grimoire Book of Shadows Content.

Traditional Witchcraft Grimoire is not limited to one particular tradition. But instead, d contains a perfect blend of different magical and spiritual tradiBooks. This Book, like an umbrella, covers a combination of Old Folk Magic and the Ritual Magick of European practitioners. And because, unlike medieval practitioners, modern witches don’t have the luxury of spending countless hours on a single ritual. The coBookt of this Book is highly evolved and adapted to the needs of the modern 21st-century practitioner. The content of this remarkable Traditional Witchcraft Book was chosen based on successful, practical results achieved during many years of magical study and practice.

LaPulias’ Traditional Witchcraft Grimoire Book of Shadows – TABLE OF CONTENT

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