Book of the Dead

Book of the Dead – Book of Amun-Ra – Papyrus of Ani.

Here you will find a handcrafted replica of one of the most famous Magical Books in the history of humankind: the Egyptian Book of The Dead or also known as Book of Amun-Ra or Papyrus of Ani. This Book also appeared in a popular movie series the ‘Mummy’ with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz.

The Book of the Dead is said to be one of the most important attributes of an ancient Egyptian magic and was a necessity to have a burial ritual of a nobility and a common folk alike. This book was supposed to be an instruction manual for an afterlife journey into the underworld. Filled with an ancient Egyptian magic ritual, potions, and incantations.

The book you presented with here is containing both, the Original Egyptian Hieroglyph texts as well as the English translations and commentaries which should allow you to understand better it’s meanings and texts.

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