Here are our Apprentice Grimoires in two sizes: 9″x12″ and 11.5″x14.5″. Our Apprentice Grimoires are bound in top quality Italian leather and are famous for the unique rounded spine.

Just like with most of our Books, you can choose the binding method:
1. hard-binding (classical binding)
2. post-binding (allows you to add, remove or rearrange pages).

Most of our Books are available with the content of your choice:
1. Traditional Witchcraft Grimoire
2. Original Wiccan,
3. Any other content listed on our website under the “Magic Grimoires” section
4. Or you can choose 500 blank pages/leaves (1000 if you count both sides).

Each Book crated by LaPulia Studio is an Heirloom, designed and constructed to last for many centuries, therefore, can be pass to future generations.

To peek inside our Apprentice Grimoire, please click on the following image:

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