LaPulia Book of Shadows

Collection of Luxury Books Made by LaPulia Studio

Leather Bound Book of Shadows, Grimoires, Magical Tomes, and Journals by LaPulia Studio. To see our complete collection, please click on the following image:

Triquetra Book of Shadows

One of the earliest works by LaPulia Studio – Triquetra Cover in Practical Magic binding style (double cover binding with two books bound in one). The Book’s size is 11.5″x14.5″ I believe this Book had 5000 pages. To see our work, please click on the image below:  

Workday at LaPulia Studio

Workday at LaPulia Studio: Our Master-Bookmaker Jovan is explaining to his two new apprentices how to finish-up the cover of this soon-to-be Book of Magic! Our magical and one of a kind Books can be found by clicking on the image below:

Mermaid’s Treasure Grand Grimoire

Mermaid’s Treasure Grand Grimoire – a truly mesmerizing and breathtaking magical tome that looks like it was just discovered under the sea! All the details on the cover and spine are sculpted and raised under the beautiful sea-blue Italian leather. This mysterious Book of Magic contains 3000 pages with four of our Grimoires hard-bound together: …

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Triquetra Grand Grimoire – Custom Made

Triquetra Grand Grimoire – custom-made, large (11.5″x14.5″) with 3,000 parchment pages. We used antique hinges, corners, and clasps for the cover. Our truly unique, one of a kind, handmade, leather-bound Books can be found on our website. To look at our Books, please click on the image below:

Alchemist’s Dream Grimoire with Raised Triquetra

Alchemist’s Dream Grimoire with Raised Triquetra – one of our long-time classics. The first Book was designed and created in 2007 Just like the rest of our Books, this Grimoire is available in different leather colors and in two sizes: medium (9″x12″) and large (11.5″x14.5″). To see more images in different colors, please click on …

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Potions Formulary Grimoire – Beltane SALE – 15% OFF

Potions Formulary Grimoire – is one of my favorites! Two years of thorough research plus endless testing of formulas and in 2010, we have released the Book of Potions, which we later renamed to a Potions Formulary Grimoire. Book has an extensive section dedicated to Poisons and Poisonous plants. I also have the whole, separate …

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Book of Spells – Beltane Sale 15% OFF

Our Book of Spells is a beautiful and one of a kind Grimoire and a perfect companion for a Witch or a Wizard. In this Book of Spells Grimoire we reveal all the previously hidden secrets of casting a powerful spell! Time-tested for perfection these spells can bring you whatever your heart desires whether it …

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Beltane Sale 15% OFF

Happy Beltane! Enjoy 15% OFF on Magic Grimoires & Grand Grimoires

Wishing All of Our Friends and Customers a Very Happy May Day! May all the planted seeds of your goals and desires, grow and come into full bloom! May you always be happy, healthy, and prosperous! One of our repeating customers asked as to extend the 15% SALE we recently had for the Protection Grimoire until …

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