Potions Formulary Grimoire – is one of my favorites! Two years of thorough research plus endless testing of formulas and in 2010, we have released the Book of Potions, which we later renamed to a Potions Formulary Grimoire.
Book has an extensive section dedicated to Poisons and Poisonous plants. I also have the whole, separate section about the Mandrake (Mandragora). And while I was working on the Book of Potions, I was pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. So, influenced by those studies, I have created Potions like “Meet Anima/Animus”, “Shadow Work” and such.
Another interesting fact about this Book is that in 2009 my husband and I went to South America to meet the Shamanic Priest. Under his guidance, we have experienced a couple of vision quests. The whole experience was just incredible and potions like: “Underworld”, “Shape-shifting”, and few others were inspired by that experience. Also, some lessons in my 3rd Year Academy Textbook (like “Fragmented World”, “Multiple Lost Souls”, and others) were also created based on this particular experience. (Book on the photo is slightly customized according to the customer’s needs: color combination, size, and bottle-image proportions. Book is hardbound in the deep shade of leather in the size of 9″X11″). by ~Rita Digilova

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