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Money Magic is one of the most important parts of the witchcraft. Manifestation of wealth and prosperity is very important in modern life is even more than ever before. Here you can find a content of our Wealth, Prosperity and Money Magic Grimoire. Full of a money spells that really work, magical wealth generation tips, technics and money magic rituals. All of the information included in this Grimoire was tested by us for many decades and has been proven to work. Create your wealth with confidence and enjoy all the great things this life has to offer.

List of Pages:

Title page.
Catch the wave of Abundance 3 pages.
Prosperity action steps 19 pages.
Quantum physics for prosperity 11 pages.
Law of Attraction 3 pages.
Manifesting prosperity 5 pages.
Positive Prosperity 4 pages.
Gods and Goddess of prosperity 9 pages.
Money Correspondences 3 pages.
Prosperity Correspondences 5 pages.
Gems for prosperity 5 pages.
Herbs for prosperity 7 pages.
Incense for prosperity 6 pages.
Oils for prosperity 14 pages.
Bath recipes for prosperity 6 pages.
Prosperity food 5 pages.
Tea and Coffee for prosperity 8 pages.
Money spells 51 pages.
Employment and business spells 13 pages.
Power Spells 19 pages Prosperity spells 4 pages.

There are 201 pages with magical information plus 199 blank pages, makes it total 400 pages.

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