There were questions asked about confidentiality and privacy. Therefore, I would like to post these questions and answers (bold) before we start this course:

Will the broadcasters see those physically present in class?
No. Broadcasters will only see me (Rita).

Will you mention our names out loud?
No, I will not be saying your real names out loud.

What about pictures? Will you post any of the pictures on the internet, social media, and etc.?
No. Definitely not!  If you want to take your photo with me and later post it on your own social media, you’re more than welcome to tag me in. But I will not be posting photos of anyone who is taking this course.

What if some of the students will take pictures and post it later?
We are not allowing anyone to use any cameras or other recording devices during the class. And for that purpose, anyone who will be attending class in-person will leave their phones with the security guard during the class. Please NOTE: when we are on break or before and after class, you can use your cameras, but neither I nor my staff is responsible for any photographs taken during that free time.  However we strongly ask that all attendees respect privacy of each other and only take and post pictures if the other person agrees. 

As, you can see, your privacy and confidentiality is very important to me and to my staff. Therefore you can be assured that your privacy is protected with us.

With Love,
Rita Digilova

Living Magickal Life 2015

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