“Two years of thorough research plus endlessly testing formulas led to our 2010 release of the Book of Potions, which we later renamed to the Potions Formulary Grimoire.
This Book has an extensive section dedicated to Poisons and Poisonous Plants, as well as a separate section focused on the Mandrake (Mandragora).
While working on the Book of Potions, I was pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and, influenced by those studies, created Potions like “Meet Anima/Animus” and “Shadow Work”.
This Book also includes incredible potions like “Underworld,” Shape-shifting,” and more, which were influenced by our 2009 trip to South America to meet a Shamanic Priest.
All of our gathered wisdom on Potions is enshrined in this Book, a perfect addition or start to your collection!” ~ Rita Digilova

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