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Book of Shadows and Magical Grimoires are the most important books in any Witch or Wizard’s collection. For centuries, magical witchcraft practitioners used leather bound Book of Shadows, Grimoires and Spell Books to perform rituals, cast spells and work their magic. LaPulia Book of Shadows / LaPulia Studio has reawakened the art of creating leather bound Witch’s Grimoires and Book of Shadows.

Our purpose is to bring real magick and witchcraft as a way of life and as a world-view into our world of physical forms from the world of ideas. We infuse each and every book with the magical energy needed to serve its owner and become a powerful magickal witchcraft artifact. As magickal artifacts, our Books of Shadows and Grimoires create strong connections with their owners and will activate and increase your magickal consciousness.

Not only we have the largest selection of leather bound Magical Witchcraft Books in the world, but we can also create custom Book of Shadows and magickal Witchcraft Grimoires according to your personal specifications. We are dedicated to making your dream Book of Shadows and Grimoire. If you do not find the Magic Grimoire or a Book of Shadows that you have dreamed of, please feel free to email or call us. We will gladly create a beautiful Book just for you.

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Book of Shadows
LaPulia Studio
LaPulia Book of Shadows / LaPulia Studio is a bookbindery specializing in publishing and custom Book of Shadows production. You can choose from a wide variety of Book of Shadows designs or we can help you custom make your own Book of Shadows