The Spirit of Halloween Spirit Board – Ouija Board by Loren Morris


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The motif: The midnight crow resting on a pumpkin, surveying the foggy Samhain night.

This is a hand painted masterpiece on a 14″ x 11″ pinewood board with a matching clay pumpkin planchette, also crafted by Loren Morris.
With 3 thick coats of protection, this board is made to last. The design cannot be worn away with use.
The planchette has three legs molded of clay so that it can slide easily across the board and will be of standard sizing.
Each Spirit Board is numbered and comes with the Certificate of Authenticity.Your Spirit Board will include a book “The Spirits of Ouija” written by Karen A. Dalhman.

“If you need help with instruction for use of a spirit board, or if you would love to see how a spirit board can be a wonderful tool for healing and growth, this book will give you all that and more. Included in this book are complete use instructions, an opening prayer, and the author’s experiences. I chose this book to include with every purchase of my boards because the author’s experience mirror my own and she has written the book with much information and insight. I know how much can be attained from spirit board use and I want to share that with you”

Loren Morris

Most often known simply as the Spirit Board, this mystical piece also goes by the names Ouija Board or Weegie Board. Meant to communicate with otherworldly spirits and entities, the Ouija Board is a must have for any magical artifact collection.

Our Spirit Board Collection includes custom-made, specially designed Spirit, Ouija and Weegie Boards whose wording and lettering are carved, burned or drawn into the finest wood available.

All Spirit Boards are made of the finest wood.The measurements for custom-made Ouija Boards can be changed upon request.

If you have additional questions or customization requests, call our office or contact us using the form below and we will gladly custom design the perfect Spirit Board.


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