1877 book La Magie Chez les Chaldeens (Chaldeans of ancient Assyria)


1877 book La Magie Chez les Chaldeens (Chaldeans of ancient Assyria)

This is a reproduction of the 1877 book La Magie Chez les Chaldeens written by Francois Lenormant. It explains magical practices, religious systems and mythology of the Chaldeans of ancient Assyria.

The work draws largely from a tablet from the library of the Royal Palace at Nineveh which contains 28 formulas of deprecatory incantations against evil spirits, the effects of sorcery, disease, the principal misfortunes that attack people in the course of daily life, etc.  A fascinating insight into the magical practices the Chaldeans, with 31 chapters which include Mythology of the Underworld; Magic and Sorcery of the Chaldeans; Chaldean Demonology; Chaldean Amulets and Their Uses; The Chaldaio-Babylonian religion and its doctrines; The mythology of the underworld; The Magic of the Ritual of the Dead; Contrasts Between Accadian and Egyptian Magic; Finno-Tartarian Magical Mythology; etc

There are 500 pages printed on French Aged Parchment and hardbound in green Italian leather with black lettering, design and illustration to front; and black bands.


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