Wiccan Book of Shadows

Handcrafted Leatherbound Magic Heirlooms

Wiccan Book of Shadows is a Modern Wiccan Witch's Reference Guide to practice Magic.

Wiccan Original Book of Shadows Content contains everything you need the Religion of Wicca. Also, the content of this book is filled with Magic Spells, Potion Recipies, Chrystal Reference, Herbal Guide and much more. All of this information has been tested by LaPulia Studio and our Owners and is proven to be working as intended. This book will give many years of research that otherwise, you will have to do yourself.

All you have to do is select the Book Cover that you like the most and we will bind this book for you. Bound in Genuine Leather This Wiccan Heirloom will last for many generations to come.

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