School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Academy 1st Year Textbook


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School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Academy First Year Textbook

During the first year, we will be learning about magick and witchcraft in general. We will explore magickal laws, meditation, visualization, magickal tools, elements, amulets, and talismans, how to cast a circle, how to create a sacred space, religious and non-religious magick, moon magick, astrology, divination, astral projection, animals, crystals and stones, herbs and their usage in magick, how to cast effective spells and brew powerful potions. We also will be introduced into a world of quantum physics and to a science behind magick, which will prepare us for a second year.

With over 200 pages of beautifully illustrated magickal lessons, this book will take you into the wonderful world of real magick! You will learn how to cast a sacred circle, brew potions, find your animal totem, learn proper moon phases, calculate planetary hours, and many more things to make your magick even more effective. Designed for beginners, it will take you to a wonderful world of magickal reality and will teach you everything you need to know to start practicing the craft of wise.

Book Content:

Title page
Welcome (2 pages)

• Class 1: Introduction to Magick:
Lesson 1: Introduction to Magick
Lesson 2: The Nature of Magick
Lesson 3: Religious and Non-Religious Magick
Lesson 4: The Effectiveness of Magick
Lesson 5: The Laws of Magick
Lesson 6: Categories of Magick
Lesson 7: Meditation
Lesson 8: Visualization
Lesson 9: Dreaming
Lesson 10: Sacred Space
Lesson 11: The Altar
Lesson 12: Circle
Lesson 13: Circle casting steps

• Class 2: Science
Lesson 1: Quantum Physics
Lesson 2: String theory
Lesson 3: Chaos theory
Lesson 4: Earth as Whole
Lesson 5: Gaia hypothesis
Lesson 6: Holographic Universe
Lesson 7: Great Creator
Lesson 8: The Source

• Class 3: Elements
Lesson 1: The four Creative Energies of the Universe
Lesson 2: States of Matter
Lesson 3: Spiritual Matter
Lesson 4: States of nature
Lesson 5: Order of Elements
Lesson 6: Elements and Directions
Lesson 7: Element Tables
Lesson 8: Elementals

• Class 4: Tools of Magick
Lesson 1: Chalice
Lesson 2: Athame
Lesson 3: Pentacle
Lesson 4: Wand
Lesson 5: Broom
Lesson 6: Cauldron
Lesson 7: Magickal clothes
Lesson 8: Magickal jewelry

• Class 5: Astrology
Lesson 1: Introduction to Astrology
Lesson 2: Planets
Lesson 3: Astrological signs
Lesson 4: Houses
Lesson 5: Houses chart
Lesson 6: Type of Astrological charts and reports
Lesson 7: How to read a chart
Lesson 8: The Elements of Astrology

• Class 6: Moon Magick
Lesson 1: Moon science vs. Magick
Lesson 2: New Moon
Lesson 3: Full Moon
Lesson 4: Blue Moon
Lesson 5: Dark Moon
Lesson 6: Void of Course
Lesson 7: Moon and astrological signs combination
Lesson 8: Magick and Your Moon sign

• Class 7: Flight lessons – Astral projection
Lesson 1: Introduction to Astral projection
Lesson 2: Flying ointment
Lesson 3: Gazing

• Class 8: Animals in Witchcraft
Lesson 1: Animals in Witchcraft
Lesson 2: Totem animals
Lesson 3: Discovering your Totem
Lesson 4: Familiars
Lesson 5: Trading Places – Shape-shifting

• Class 9: Crystals and Gems
Lesson 1: Introduction to Crystals
Lesson 2: How Crystals work
Lesson 3: Choosing a Crystal
Lesson 4: Clearing your Crystal
Lesson 5: Programming Crystals
Lesson 6: Meditation with Crystals
Lesson 7: Crystal Healing
Lesson 8: Playing with Crystals
Lesson 9: Gemstones magickal properties and Uses
Lesson 10: Spells using gems

• Class 10: Herbology
Lesson 1: Introduction to herbology
Lesson 2: Basics of harvesting and using herbs
Lesson 3: Using herbs safely
Lesson 4: Herbal forms
Lesson 5: Magickal uses of herbs
Lesson 6: Magickal uses of herbs – Herbal Journal outline
Lesson 7: Magickal properties of herbs
Lesson 8: Healing uses of herbs

• Class 11: Divination
Lesson 1: Introduction to Divination
Lesson 2: Forms of Divination
Lesson 3: How does Divination work
Lesson 4: Scrying
Lesson 5: Tarot
Lesson 6: Runes
Lesson 7: Pendulum

• Class 12: Amulets and Talismans
Lesson 1: Lucky Charms
Lesson 2: Amulets
Lesson 3: Talismans
Lesson 4: Gemstones as amulets and talismans
Lesson 5: How to Charge your talisman
Lesson 6: Achieve your goals

• Class 13: Potion-craft
Lesson 1: Introduction to Potion-craft
Lesson 2: Forms of Potion
Lesson 3: Brewing Potion

• Class 14: Spell Craft
Lesson 1: Spell Craft introduction
Lesson 2: Duration of spell work
Lesson 3: Performing spells for someone else
Lesson 4: Constructing your spell
Lesson 5: Spell creation
Lesson 6: How to write your own incantations
Lesson 7: Basic outline for spells
Lesson 8: Choosing proper days
Lesson 9: Choosing proper colors
Lesson 10: Simple spells to try:
To find something that is lost
Confidence in social situations
To gain energy
Finish that project
Chant for focus
Confidence spell
To consecrate an item
To charge an object


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