The Clavis or Key to the Magic of Solomon


The Clavis or the Key to the Magic of Solomon

The Clavis or the Key to the Magic of Solomon is a reproduction of a manuscript handwritten by Ebeneezer Sibley (1751-1799).

Handwritten colored text and hand colored Solomonic magical seals are carefully reproduced and printed on French aged parchment paper.
There are total 300 pages that are hardbound in black Italian leather with sculpted Pentagram.

24K gold is used to decorate the cover.

This beautiful, One of a Kind Book contains eight independent texts:

  1. The Clavis: contains instructions for constructing magical tools and pentacles. It includes talismans, signs, seals, pentacles for: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
  2. The Mysterious Ring provides instructions to prepare magic rings.
  3. Experiments of the Spirits Birto, Vassago, Agares and Bealpharos instructs on how to call upon spirits and angels, and crystal scrying.
  4. The Wheel of Wisdom provides directions on how to use celestial harmonies.
  5. The Complete Book of Magic Science resembles the Secret Grimoire of Turiel, but it is more complete. It contains the method of constraining spirits to visible appearance, the consecration of lamins, pentacles, and the seals and characters of the planetary angels, with a form of a bond of spirits.

Your magical Book of Shadows or Grimoire will be crafted in accordance with the oldest witchcraft traditions. LaPulia Book of Shadows only uses brand new, pristine and virgin clean materials of the highest quality. In addition, before use, all of the materials used to create your book undergo a special cleansing ceremony to remove any negative energy and prepare them for use in production. Lastly, every single Book of Shadows and Grimoire is magically blessed before it is shipped to you.


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