What is a Book of Shadows?

In this article, I would like to talk about Grimoires and Book of Shadows and their common meanings as well as explain what they are in LaPulia Studio’s framework.

First let’s talk about common meaning.

What is a Grimoire? A Grimoire is a book of magic that includes spells, incantations, and instructions on how to create magical amulets and talismans, cast spells, and invoke and summon supernatural beings, such as spirits, demons, and angels. It is believed that the word “grimoire” is derived from the Old French grammaire, whose root is the Latin word ”grammatica” meaning “in letters”.

Grimoires have been long considered to be powerful books of magic, containing secret knowledge that is used to protect their owners from harm, fulfill their hearts’ desires, bring them all sorts of riches, and much more.

It is a known fact that some magical books are even believed to be infused with supernatural powers themselves. In fact, Grimoire have been always treated as such.

Famous Grimoires include: The Key of Solomon, Book of Moses, Works of Dr. John Dee, and more.

What is a Book of Shadows? It is a known fact that the first Book of Shadows was created by Gerald Gardner, the man who founded the witchcraft religion known as “Wicca” in the early 1950s. His Book of Shadows contained rituals and spells that were performed by the coven he had formed. The whole idea of the Book of Shadows has grown further, where today most witches and other magical practitioners own one or more such Book.

I am not going to go into too much detail about common understandings of Book of Shadows and Grimoires. There are already many texts and publications written about them.

My goal here is to explain what exactly Book of Shadows and Grimoires are in LaPulia Studio’s frame of view, as ours is different from the common explanation.

However, before I proceed, I want to mention that off of the Book of Shadows and Grimoires created in LaPulia Studio are books of magic. Yes, each Book that originates within the walls of LaPulia Studio is infused with magical power! Everyone who works in LaPulia Studio is a life-long practitioner of magic. We don’t just hire people with arts backgrounds and particular crafts skills, we actually hire people who not only have exceptional artistic talents, but have also been practicing magic throughout their adult lives. This approach ensures that your Magical Book will last for many centuries to come, preserve your family legacy within its pages, and be passed to future generations.

Book of Shadows

While we have a variety of beautiful cover-designs, our Book of Shadows comes with only two content choices:

First, is the Original Wicca Book of Shadows. The name pretty much explains it all. This Book contains everything that a follower of Wicca needs in order to practice her/his craft successfully. From how to properly cast a protective circle to how to observe the Sabbaths, this Book has everything. The Book doesn’t break the Wiccan Rule of Three, follows the 13 Wiccan Principles, and is built upon the Wiccan cosmology as a world-view. You can click here to see what this Book contains.

Second, we offer the Traditional Witchcraft Grimoire. this Book is for the responsible practitioner and is based on old European Witchcraft traditions, in addition to others. This Book was created similarly to a Grimoire (as it is commonly known), as it contains information on Spirit invocation and conjuration, old-folk magic, and cunning-men and women secrets. Now, this Book does have what is commonly known  as a “black magic” or “evil magic”. We don’t divide magic by colors or by laws of good or evil. What’s good for one person can be evil for another. However, it is important to know that every magical act has consequences and this Book explains what they are. You can click here to see what this Book contains.

Third is our Blank Book of Shadows is for those magickal folks who prefer to keep their Book of Shadows written by their own hand.


At LaPulia Studio we also offer Grimoires.

What is a Grimoire at LaPulia Studio?

We have three types of Grimoires:

1. Ancient and Medieval Grimoires. There are commonly known historical Grimoires that were carefully reproduced and illustrated by the artists of LaPulia Studio, using the beautiful style of Illuminated Manuscripts.

2. Grimoires. These are our own Grimoires that we created for our customers. Each Grimoire pertains to one magical subject. For example: the Love Grimoire contains everything you need to practice Love Magic; the Prosperity Grimoire will give you everything you need in order to be successful in acquiring riches (we are a successful magical company with a multi-million net-worth, so we firmly believe that magic can and will bring you the riches you desire); the Protection Grimoire is all about protection magic, as we firmly believe that no magical practitioner should be without decent protection; the Healing Grimoire will provide you with the knowledge you need to keep your physical and magical self healthy; the Potions Grimoire will reveal all the secrets of brewing a powerful potion; our Book of Spells has everything you need to become a successful spell-caster; the Herbal Grimoire delves in-depth into the study of herbs and herbal magick; and the Kitchen Witch Grimoire is a magickal cookbook full of enchanted recipes.

3. Grand Grimoires. These grand Books will give you the ability to combine two, three, or four content options within one cover. You can combine your Original or Traditional book with a Protection Grimoire, Prosperity Grimoire, and so on.

4. Witchcraft Academy Books – Years 1,2, and 3. Our unique approach to these books ties together magick, human psychology, quantum physics, and spirituality to create a fail-proof magickal system that will make you a successful practitioner of magick.

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