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Elvish Grimoire

Elvish Grimoire – Custom Made

This beautiful custom-made Grimoire looks like it just came from the magical realm of Elves. It is made based on our Elvish Grimoire in the large size of 11.5″x14.5″ and hard bound in black Italian leather. We used real gems to adore the cover. To see our custom work, please click on the image below: …

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Goddess Lakshmi – Part 1

“Lakshmi is a Goddess of Fortune. Even though she is considered to be a Hindu Goddess, I personally think that she is a Universal Goddess. Anyone who chooses a spiritual focus for bringing more fortune and abundance into their lives can call upon her. She is the Goddess of wealth, prosperity, abundance, beauty and love. …

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Potions Formulary Grimoire – Save $100 – Only Today

“Two years of thorough research plus endlessly testing formulas led to our 2010 release of the Book of Potions, which we later renamed to the Potions Formulary Grimoire. This Book has an extensive section dedicated to Poisons and Poisonous Plants, as well as a separate section focused on the Mandrake (Mandragora). While working on the …

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Magic Potions Grimoire – Only One Available on Sale Now!

Magic Potions Grimoire on Sale Now. Save $100 now on this Magic Grimoire. Only One Available at this price. This Potions Formulary Grimoire is the only one available on sale now. We made it in a different leather color than the one we were supposed to use. And therefore we decided to drop the price on it …

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