One of a Kind Books by LaPulia Studio

Collection of leather-bound handcrafted Books, Grimoires, Book of Shadows by LaPulia Studio. To see our Books, please click on the image below:

Isis and Osiris – Book of Egyptian Magic

Isis and Osiris – Book of Egyptian Magic – One of our earliest works that have been discontinued for while. Hardbound in black leather with hand tooled scenes from Ancient Egyptian Myths. To see our custom, one of a kind Books and Grimoires, please click on the following image:

Book of The Dead - Book of Amun Ra

Book of the Dead – Amun Ra

Our own version of the “Book of the Dead – Amun-Ra” contains a reproduction of the original scrolls of the Papyrus of Ani with English translation. “The Papyrus of Ani” was discovered by E. A. Wallis Budge in 1888 and currently is located at the British Museum. Even though the first section of this book …

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Book of Shadows and Grimoires by LaPulia Studio

Highest quality, collectible leather-bound Books by LaPulia Studio. Each masterpiece is an heirloom, designed to last for many generations!

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