Charmed Book of Shadows

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Make this Book your family heirloom that will last for generations.

Shop Charmed Book of Shadows - Hand-crafted Leather Bound Heirloom.

Featured in a "Charmed" CW TV series show - Charmed Book of Shadows became one of the icons of the modern witchcraft. This Beautiful hand-crafted book, with ancient Triquetra symbol on its cover, Charmed Replica Book of Shadows makes a perfect keepsake and a great gift. It's also considered to be an excellent companion for a modern witchcraft practitioner.

The ancient symbol on the cover represents a unity of three aspects: Body, Mind and the Spirit and captures the essence of life itself. Although in modern times with advance of TV and internet it became more popular, it still holds it's potency and meaning.

Made from best archival grade, acid-free materials available. Charmed Book of Shadows will last for many generations to come.

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