School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Academy 2nd Year Textbook


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School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Academy Second Year Text Book

During the second year, we will be approaching Magick as a Science: we will explore Hermetic Laws from the modern scientific perspective, learn Quantum Physics, Parallel Worlds, and most importantly – how to bring your goals from the world of Ideas into a Physical Manifestation. The second-year studies are concentrated on the external world.

With over 200 pages of beautifully illustrated magickal lessons, this book will take you into the wonderful world of real magick! You will learn laws of the external world, quantum physics, parallel worlds, dimensions, cosmology. We will approach magick as a science. And using that knowledge we will learn the art of physical manifestation!

Book Content:

Title page
Welcome (2 pages)

Universal Laws of Magick
• Lesson 1: Hermes and Emerald Table
• Lesson 2: Seven Laws of Magick
• Lesson 3: Seven Laws of Magick Explained by Science
• Lesson 4: Fate or Destiny

• Lesson 1: Introduction Cosmology
• Lesson 2: Universe
• Lesson 3: Dark Energy
• Lesson 4: Quintessence
• Lesson 5: Dark Matter
• Lesson 6: Cosmology and Magick
• Lesson 7: Frequency
• Lesson 8: Matter and Energy

Quantum Mechanics
• Lesson 1: Window into the Quantum World
• Lesson 2: Observer
• Lesson 3: Source of reality
• Lesson 4: Choosing reality
• Lesson 5: Manifestation

Parallel Universes
• Lesson 1: Parallel Universes
• Lesson 2: Multiverse
• Lesson 3: Consciousness and Parallel Universes
• Lesson 4: Quantum Jump

• Lesson 1: Multi-dimensional world
• Lesson 2: Seven levels of existence
• Lesson 3: 4 Dimensional world
• Lesson 4: 4 Dimensional world and creativity

• Lesson 1: Opposites
• Lesson 2: Polarities
• Lesson 3: Yin and Yang
• Lesson 4: Karma and Dharma
• Lesson 5: Merging of opposites for the magickal purposes
• Lesson 6: Annihilation


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