This Grimoire was one of our very first experiments with printing on the leather.
Two of our state-of-art printers have a function that enables to print on leather.
For this Grimoire, we used lamb hide, as it is softer than cowhide we normally use and cut it down to 10″x12.5″. Then, we set the printer to the leather printing option. After the printing was completed, we aged this soon-to-be front-cover using our seven-step hand-aging technique. Then, we placed the piece on a hard-bound pre-made 11.5″x14.5″ book for completion. For the binding, we used our “Apprentice Wizard” (rounded spine) method. And here is the final result – a beautiful and magnificent Grimoire that the Master Leonardo DaVinci would love to keep for himself!
To explore our custom-made, one of a kind leather-bound Books, please click on the image below:

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