Brightest Blessings Dear Friends,

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Book of Shadows Sale and Magic Grimoire Sale.

We are very excited to announce that our suppliers offered to give us 30% off of our entire order, but only if we purchased a certain amount of inventory. And our owner Rita wants to pass these savings on to you, our dear customers and friends.

If we will sell a minimum of 50 books within the next three days, we will be able to make this mass inventory purchase. So, here is the deal: help us pass this great news around! Tell your friends, your family, and whoever you feel appropriate about this opportunity, share it on your Facebook wall, tweet it, and post on all your other networks. Once we reach our goal of 50 books, we will complete this purchase, and you will be able to get your book at 30% off. This applies to all of our Magical Books (including Grand Grimoires).

Plus, if you help us promote this news by sharing it on your social networks, you will automatically be entered to win a Free Triquetra Blank Book of Shadows (size 9″ x 12″).

Please be aware that if we do not hit the 50 sold books mark within three days, then all orders that used this coupon code, will be canceled, and all payments will be refunded right away. However, the Free Book of Shadows giveaway will still be in effect. So, regardless of whether or not we reach out benchmark, everyone who shared our ad will still have the opportunity to win a Book of Shadows.

Book of Shadows for Sale
Book of Shadows Sale

Love and Light,

Everyone at LaPulia Book of Shadows

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