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Brightest Blessings My Dear Friends.

Save $100.00 on this Beautiful Grand Grimoire Today.

It usually takes 10+ weeks to make and ship one of our books.

But Since this Grand Grimoire is already made. We will ship it to you within 2 – 3 business day after the purchase.

Click on the image below to learn more about this magnificent Grand Grimoire.

Grand Grimoire
Grand Grimoire

This Grand Grimoire contains 3 books in it’s contents:

Wiccan Original Book of Shadows

Original Book of ShadowsCreated by LaPulia Book of Shadows specially for Wiccan Witches and contains best Wicca practices and information. Everything you need to know as a follower of Wiccan Religious Tradition and Witchcraft.

Prosperity Magic Grimoire

Wealth and Prosperity GrimoireCreated by LaPulia to help you harness all the aspects of Wealth, Prosperity and Money Magic. With this book you will be able to create abundance in all areas of you life.

Protection Magic Grimoire

Protection GrimoireCreated by LaPulia to help you protect your self, your loved once and your property against any magical and non-magical harm. With this book you will be able to build safe environment for your family, your friends and your coven.

LaPulia Book of Shadows and Magick Grimoires

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